Jake Gyllenhaal to Star In The Division Movie

Following the success of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft was reported to be adapting the game into a big-budget movie. Variety reports that the film will star Jake Gyllenhaal, who will also work as the producer. The game itself is set in a dystopian New York City after a ravaging smallpox pandemic. The player takes the roleContinue reading “Jake Gyllenhaal to Star In The Division Movie”

The Division 1.2 Patch Is Live

The Division has been updated to version 1.2, bringing us a new raid and more anticipated content. Ubisoft’s complete patch notes for The Division 1.2 patch have been published so lets sift through it for the juicy bits. Hard mode for the Clear Sky Incursion will be unlocked finally. Players will have to reach level 30 andContinue reading “The Division 1.2 Patch Is Live”

The Division’s Newest Glitch

The latest update for Tom Clancy’s: The Division added a slew of new features and tweaks, including a new raid mission, gear sets, and a game-breaking glitch. Through the use of a riot shield, the player can clip their way through a wall, completely bypassing the raid boss and granting access to high-level loot. UbisoftContinue reading “The Division’s Newest Glitch”

The Division Shatters Ubisoft Sales Records

Ubisoft’s newest shooter, The Division, which released March 8, came online to outages and server issues that left many feeling frustrated. Those frustrations started in the West once America’s servers went online, and many took to social media to express their rage. That rage, however, may be a bit premature, as evidence has surfaced earlierContinue reading “The Division Shatters Ubisoft Sales Records”

The Division Allegedly Has No Microtransactions

In what might actually be another positive move on the part of Ubisoft (following the current trend of the company actually being a decent company for the first time in years,) it seems that The Division won’t contain microtransactions, cosmetic or otherwise, upon launch. According to this tweet from Natchai Stappers, Ubisoft’s community manager, there will be no payContinue reading “The Division Allegedly Has No Microtransactions”

Ubisoft Releases a Trailer for The Division on PC

With less than two weeks until launch, the developers of The Division have decided to give us a little taste of the graphical effects of the game on PC, showing just how smooth the game is, running at a stable 60 frames per second. The first thing that pops out in the trailer level of detail, even at a distance. ThereContinue reading “Ubisoft Releases a Trailer for The Division on PC”

The Division’s PVP Will Destroy Destiny’s

The Division’s PVP versus Destiny’s PVP is quite a hot topic among gamers these days, and for good measure: the former takes the best elements of so many different current-generation shooters and RPGs, combines them into one, and puts its own unique twist on it. This past weekend’s beta was an astounding success with 6.4 million playersContinue reading “The Division’s PVP Will Destroy Destiny’s”

The Division Beta — An Unsatisfying Experience (Xbox One)

I have spent the past weekend playing The Division beta, which proved to hold a decent amount of content. Labeled by the gaming community as a Destiny–killer, the game does follow a lot of the same archetypes as its counterpart; a “shared-world”, RPG elements, and loot-based combat. While neither of these games are true MMORPGs,Continue reading “The Division Beta — An Unsatisfying Experience (Xbox One)”

The Division Open Beta Launches Today on Xbox One

The Division open beta will launch today as apart of an early access program on the Xbox One, and tomorrow it will be available on the PC and PlayStation4 platforms. Hopefully most of you have read the preload announcement and have managed to get the open beta installed for the big day. If you have neglected this and areContinue reading “The Division Open Beta Launches Today on Xbox One”

Open Beta for The Division Includes New Level

The Division will be releasing its open beta to the public tomorrow for Xbox One users and on the February 19th for PS4/PC users and already we’re seeing news of a new level in the upcoming beta.  The open beta will have all the content from the closed beta along with a new story level namedContinue reading “Open Beta for The Division Includes New Level”

Let’s Talk: Destiny versus The Division

There has been a small debate between gamers about the upcoming game, The Division, and popular FPS-RPG, Destiny. The debate is that some believe The Division is coming out at a time where Destiny is dry in content, which will result in an exodus of players from Destiny due to boredom. I do see why people would choose to compareContinue reading “Let’s Talk: Destiny versus The Division”

The Division Open Beta Preload Begins

This is becoming the new trend in AAA gaming isn’t it? First Battlefront does it, and now we present The Division open beta! The good news is that preloading for all platforms has begun as of today. If you have any plans of trying The Division, then there is no harm in preloading it so thatContinue reading “The Division Open Beta Preload Begins”