The Last Guardian: Biology Informs Behavior

The Last Guardian for the PlayStation 4 was a project that took nearly a decade to complete. Team Ico began development for the game back in 2007 with a planned release in 2011 for the PlayStation 3. But, as fans are well aware, the game went through a series of devastating setbacks that nearly sawContinue reading “The Last Guardian: Biology Informs Behavior”

Mare is a Radiant VR Game for Fans of Ico (PAX East 2017)

At this year’s PAX East, I had the great opportunity of spending time with Mare. The upcoming game from Visiontrick Media uses the player’s gaze as the primary mode of interacting with the sprawling world. A young girl is accompanied by a mechanical bird who acts as her guide and savior, as she makes herContinue reading “Mare is a Radiant VR Game for Fans of Ico (PAX East 2017)”

The Last Guardian Review (PS4)

Personally, I wasn’t expecting to like The Last Guardian much. There was a light fanaticism surrounding it’s release that foretold a chorus of praise despite any of the game’s shortcomings. I had never played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, this game’s spiritual predecessors, so my experience was no way shaped by nostalgia. Even so, theContinue reading “The Last Guardian Review (PS4)”

The Last Guardian Continues 2016’s Disappointing Trend

I think for a lot of people, 2016 will be the year that they were let down by games that didn’t attain the perfection promised by the surrounding hype. Whether that hype be generated by over-zealous advertising, or the gestation over a more than lengthy period of development, I can’t remember another year where so many games, havingContinue reading “The Last Guardian Continues 2016’s Disappointing Trend”

The Last Guardian Receives Another Delay

After nearly a decade of development and numerous delays causing fans to question if the game would ever be released, The Last Guardian received another delay. As explained by Shuhei Yoshida, President of SCE Worldwide Studios: “Fumito Ueda, gen DESIGN and JAPAN Studio have a wonderful vision for The Last Guardian’s touching, emotional journey ofContinue reading “The Last Guardian Receives Another Delay”

The Sheep Mindset and Gaming Conventions

Thanks for stopping by – today I’ll be discussing the idea of video gaming conventions. Are gaming conventions considered overrated in this day and age, considering that a lot of these events could be live streamed on a television or computer screen? Are these events and the resulting hype solely driven by sheep-minded individuals? SideContinue reading “The Sheep Mindset and Gaming Conventions”