Review – Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Eight months, a Dark Souls 2 remaster, and the announcement of Dark Souls 3 later, From Software has released the first (and probably only) expansion to their brutal, action-heavy masterpiece. FromSoftware routinely releases DLC with some of the best content in their respective games, and The Old Hunters is no different. If you were worried a bid to appeal to a wider audience,Continue reading “Review – Bloodborne: The Old Hunters”

How to Access the Bloodborne DLC

Like any From Software DLC release, you’re going to need to be told how to access your fresh new purchase. If you’re like me, your main Bloodborne character is sitting in the Hunter’s Dream at the beginning of a playthrough, and you’ll need a comprehensive list of what needs to be done. Here’s everything you need toContinue reading “How to Access the Bloodborne DLC”