Singing the Praises of Anthem: Early Impressions

Right out of gate, Anthem impresses with its incredible visuals and great audio/visual feedback. Shooting feels great and mobility (in the air and on foot) is really satisfying. I can positively say that the game has its hooks in me and I am looking forward to pilling on hours of gameplay. Not bad for aContinue reading “Singing the Praises of Anthem: Early Impressions”

First-Person Gaming and Motion Sickness

Some of the most notable games are in first-person: Outlast, Bioshock, COD, Far Cry; the list goes on. The beauty of a first-person game is that they’re designed to make gamers feel as though they are living it. The story becomes your own, because the characters you play are meant to be you. It’s a brilliant way to immerseContinue reading “First-Person Gaming and Motion Sickness”

Gears of War 4 Beta Begins

Good news for anyone that had a copy of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition of PC or Xbox One before April 11th. The Gears of War 4 beta begins for you today! You may not receive your code today if you bought it recently rather than when the Ultimate Edition first came out, but it willContinue reading “Gears of War 4 Beta Begins”

Gears of War 4 “Tomorrow” Trailer Released

It was only a few days ago that we got our hands on a release date for Gears of War 4 as well as a date for a multiplayer beta period that is soon approaching. Tonight we have received something very special that is guaranteed to bring emotions from those that enjoyed the original GearsContinue reading “Gears of War 4 “Tomorrow” Trailer Released”

Gears of War 4 Release Date Announced

Gears of War 4 finally has a release date set for October 11th, 2016. The release date was announced by Microsoft and was accompanied by a display of the covert art for the game which was shown off by Entertainment Weekly. Everyone who has played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on PC or Xbox One will beContinue reading “Gears of War 4 Release Date Announced”

Ubisoft Releases a Trailer for The Division on PC

With less than two weeks until launch, the developers of The Division have decided to give us a little taste of the graphical effects of the game on PC, showing just how smooth the game is, running at a stable 60 frames per second. The first thing that pops out in the trailer level of detail, even at a distance. ThereContinue reading “Ubisoft Releases a Trailer for The Division on PC”

The Division’s PVP Will Destroy Destiny’s

The Division’s PVP versus Destiny’s PVP is quite a hot topic among gamers these days, and for good measure: the former takes the best elements of so many different current-generation shooters and RPGs, combines them into one, and puts its own unique twist on it. This past weekend’s beta was an astounding success with 6.4 million playersContinue reading “The Division’s PVP Will Destroy Destiny’s”

Hitman Opening Cinematic Released

The Hitman opening cinematic has been released today which serves as a prequel to the upcoming episodic title. In this cinematic we get to take a look at many of the previous highlights in Agent 47’s life. Updated versions of some of 47’s most iconic assassinations are displayed in an attempt to bridge the gap betweenContinue reading “Hitman Opening Cinematic Released”

The Division Open Beta Launches Today on Xbox One

The Division open beta will launch today as apart of an early access program on the Xbox One, and tomorrow it will be available on the PC and PlayStation4 platforms. Hopefully most of you have read the preload announcement and have managed to get the open beta installed for the big day. If you have neglected this and areContinue reading “The Division Open Beta Launches Today on Xbox One”

The Division Open Beta Preload Begins

This is becoming the new trend in AAA gaming isn’t it? First Battlefront does it, and now we present The Division open beta! The good news is that preloading for all platforms has begun as of today. If you have any plans of trying The Division, then there is no harm in preloading it so thatContinue reading “The Division Open Beta Preload Begins”

New DayZ Renderer in Development, Increases Framerates

The new DayZ renderer has been displayed in a developer’s Youtube video! How long have we, the community, been waiting for some form of major optimization to the game? On top of that the new renderer seems to display graphical overhauls as well. The most noticeable graphical change by far with this new renderer isContinue reading “New DayZ Renderer in Development, Increases Framerates”

The Division — Most Disappointing Changes

When I first heard of The Division I was so excited for it I couldn’t contain myself. The same could be said of a few other Ubisoft games, but those didn’t turn out so well. I think we are hitting a similar situation with The Division so today I wanted to talk about everything thatContinue reading “The Division — Most Disappointing Changes”