GPS Episode 22: Tacoma, Splatoon 2, Upcoming Games, and More

Episode 22 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Professionals Show (GPS) is now live! We’ve spent some time playing Splatoon 2 and Tacoma this week, and we’re ramping up for what looks to be a pretty busy August. It continues to be pretty slow on the news front, but we’ve got a few stories to discuss. InContinue reading “GPS Episode 22: Tacoma, Splatoon 2, Upcoming Games, and More”

Colony Coming to Titanfall 2

Respawn has done an infinitely better job at updating Titanfall 2 than they did with its predecessor. The developer has consistently released free downloadable content for their game as they promised. It has ranged from entirely new content (new executions and Prime Titans) to nods at the old content that longtime fans of the originalContinue reading “Colony Coming to Titanfall 2”

The Generation Gap in First Person Shooters

My, how the genre is changing. The generation gap in first person shooters is rapidly becoming clearer, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. We can see it in games such as Battlefield 1 and also in Titanfall 2. Both published by Electronic Arts, both aimed at completely different audiences. When Titanfall 2 first dropped,Continue reading “The Generation Gap in First Person Shooters”

Introducing the Titans of Titanfall 2

Everyone who ventured into the Titanfall 2 tech test over the past two weekends got to play with Scorch and Ion. Even the personality of the third Titan in this dysfunctional metallic family, Ronin, has been hinted at. Respawn have now unveiled the full roster with the video above, and they look a nasty lot.Continue reading “Introducing the Titans of Titanfall 2”

Titanfall 2 Tech Test Afterthoughts

I played a lot of the first Titanfall. It was a breath of fresh air in a realm where Call of Duty was king; it was especially sweet knowing that its developer, Respawn Entertainment, was founded in the aftermath of some messy dismissals from Infinity Ward. When it was announced that Respawn were rolling out aContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Tech Test Afterthoughts”

Titanfall 2 Information Leaked on Reddit

Information about Titanfall 2 has allegedly been leaked, thanks to Reddit user “ilovegoogleglass.” The Reddit post was quickly deleted by moderators, but posters from NeoGAF managed to save the text beforehand. Citing an unknown source, ilovegoogleglass claimed that Respawn Entertainment’s sequel will add many new gameplay mechanics. A key addition is a grappling hook, which canContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Information Leaked on Reddit”

Titanfall 2 Teaser, Announcement Details

Respawn Entertainment, developer of Titanfall and founded by Infinity Ward alums, has released a new trailer for Titanfall 2. The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much — there’s a crashed drop-pod, a titan’s leg, and a mech sword — but promises a worldwide announcement on June 12. In case you’ve forgotten, publisher EA has decided to eschew a majorContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Teaser, Announcement Details”

Titanfall 2 Will Feature a Single Player Campaign

The sequel to Respawn Entertainment‘s online first-person shooter Titanfall will feature a single player campaign. This will be a relief to many players who felt that the first game would have greatly benefited from some single player aspect. Lead writer Jesse Stern told Forbes that Titanfall 2 will take place in a “grounded, dirty, andContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Will Feature a Single Player Campaign”