Undertale: What’s in a Name?

If it’s not obvious from my review, I’ve joined the cult of Undertale. This isn’t just about having a reddit group, tons of hits on Twitter, or some Tumblr images. You’ve got loads of DeviantArt pictures, mash-ups on SoundCloud, and a Steam page that’s got almost as many theories as the game’s Wikia page. League of Legend’s Lulu’sContinue reading “Undertale: What’s in a Name?”

Undertale Review: Nurturing Nostalgia

I won’t lie. When I first heard of Undertale‘s Kickstarter, as much as I liked the idea, the graphics immediately caused me to shut the page and forget about it. A lot of my non-gamer friends see some of the “ugly” games I play and think I’m weird, so by no means do I really feelContinue reading “Undertale Review: Nurturing Nostalgia”