New Prey Trailer Released – A New Glimpse at the Enemies

In 2006 the original Prey left a positive impression on gamers world wide. The new game, also named Prey, which we saw at E3 this year, will take steps away from the original. According to the creative director of Arkane Studios, Raphael Colantionio, the new game will leave out the linear structure and instead have aContinue reading “New Prey Trailer Released – A New Glimpse at the Enemies”

New Civilization VI Mechanics Revealed

Firaxis, the developer of the upcoming Civilizations VI, released a new video on Youtube showing some new mechanics of the game. In the video, they introduce the new district system, which allows the player to plan out their cities more effectively than before. Every city consists of one home tile and several district tiles. TheseContinue reading “New Civilization VI Mechanics Revealed”

PS4 Titles Shown Before Sony Showcase E3 2016

Before Sony’s press conference at E3 2016 we caught a glimpse at a few games that didn’t get mentioned during the show. These non triple A titles look amazingly innovative and unique. Focusing more on the experience of playing the game rather than AAA action, each title shows a loving touch from developers. Let’s lookContinue reading “PS4 Titles Shown Before Sony Showcase E3 2016”

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Trailer Released

A Kingdom Hearts 2.8 gameplay trailer has just been released, and it offers a ton of new content not previously seen. Releasing a slew of new teasers in the video above, Square Enix has shown us an HD remake of Dream Drop Distance, a scene that continues off from Dream Drop Distance that will very likelyContinue reading “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Trailer Released”

Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Trailer Unveiled

After a leaked trailer earlier this morning, Watch Dogs 2 finally has its first legitimately revealed trailer. It confirms things we’ve known or speculated for a long time: A San Francisco setting, drones, and a protagonist who looks like he just walked out of a Black Keys concert. The trailer also confirms a November 15,Continue reading “Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Trailer Unveiled”

New Announcement For Horizon Zero Dawn

PlayStation recently released a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn. The trailer focuses on the main character Aloy, exploring the mysteries of her origin, her journey as an outcast and the events leading to her destiny. Simply put this game is gorgeous, imaginative and unique. However showing off the graphics and getting fans acquainted withContinue reading “New Announcement For Horizon Zero Dawn”

Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters, Region, Release Date Unveiled

It’s been an exceptionally quiet period since the initial announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, but The Pokémon Company has today broken that silence with a new trailer. The trailer introduces the new region, named the Alola region. If that wasn’t quite subtle enough, the region takes several design cues from Hawaii and the PacificContinue reading “Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters, Region, Release Date Unveiled”

Persona 5 Release Date Announced

Early this morning, Japanese developer Atlus released a new trailer for the long-awaited Persona 5. The trailer provided a near-five minute rush of new information, including new characters and locations, and confirmed a release date of September 15, 2016. As of now, this is only the release date for the Japanese version. A Western release dateContinue reading “Persona 5 Release Date Announced”

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Drops its First Beats

A new trailer for the uniquely-named Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has surfaced (it’s SMT backwards!), courtesy of Nintendo’s YouTube channel. The brief video covers the established story beats and setting, before diving into the battle system. The distinct, if contrived anime style, plot and characters take the forefront, but if the Shin Megami Tensei rootsContinue reading “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Drops its First Beats”

Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay Video Released

Fans of Kirby will be excited to hear a gameplay video for the upcoming game has been released by CoroCoro, the popular Japanese gaming publication. Although the 13-minute video is in Japanese, it showcases the new mechanics of the game. It starts off with the traditional platform-focused gameplay of Kirby. All of the classic movesContinue reading “Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay Video Released”

Gears of War 4 “Tomorrow” Trailer Released

It was only a few days ago that we got our hands on a release date for Gears of War 4 as well as a date for a multiplayer beta period that is soon approaching. Tonight we have received something very special that is guaranteed to bring emotions from those that enjoyed the original GearsContinue reading “Gears of War 4 “Tomorrow” Trailer Released”

DOOM Multiplayer Beta Announced, New Trailer Revealed

Bethesda has announced that their upcoming first-person shooter, Doom, will have a closed multiplayer beta from March 31st to April 3rd on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Players who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order can get access to the closed beta by redeeming their beta code. A new trailer for Doom’s multiplayer was alsoContinue reading “DOOM Multiplayer Beta Announced, New Trailer Revealed”