Nintendo Announces New Zelda Amiibo

During their E3 Showcase Nintendo announced four new Legend of Zelda Amiibo. These new Amiibo will include all four Champions from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Rito Champion Revali, Goron Champion Daruk, Zora Champion Mipha, and Gerudo Champion Urbosa. These figures will be compatible with the new DLC packs Nintendo just announced for BreathContinue reading “Nintendo Announces New Zelda Amiibo”

Rocket league Announced for Nintendo Switch

During their E3 2017 Spotlight Nintendo announced Rocket League for Nintendo switch. Rocket League has been out for Playstation 4, XBox One, and PC since 2015. This will be the first time it has been released on any Nintendo system. The crazy go kart foot ball game is loved by many, and not just forContinue reading “Rocket league Announced for Nintendo Switch”

Monster Hunter World Announced

Today during their E3 2017 press conference Playstation announced Monster Hunter World for Playstation 4. Monster Hunter World looks like it will contain new monsters, new mechanics, massively updated graphics and a larger world. It looks like this game will be a great addition to the iconic Capcom series. Monster Hunter World will release earlyContinue reading “Monster Hunter World Announced”

The Gamer Professionals Show Episode 14 is Now Live

Episode 14 of our gaming podcast, GPS, is now live! We discuss the news for this week, Everspace, Magikarp Jump, and we have a lot of fun making our E3 predictions. In the news, there’s a lot of disappointment from Nintendo. Firstly, their party/voice chat is looking to be overly complicated and ultimately a failure. Secondly, itContinue reading “The Gamer Professionals Show Episode 14 is Now Live”

LOST SPHEAR Announced for Switch, PS4, and Steam

Earlier today Square Enix announced LOST SPHEAR the latest game from Tokyo RPG Factory, the team behind I Am Setsuna. This new RPG starts you out as a young boy, Kanata, who awakens to find his whole world changing. His mother disappears, then his whole home town starts to turn into mist. With the world fadingContinue reading “LOST SPHEAR Announced for Switch, PS4, and Steam”

The Gamer Professionals Show Episode 9 is Now Live

Episode 9 of The Gamer Professionals Show (GPS) is now live! We talk about the notable games that were released this week and give our thoughts on Call of Duty: WWII since the trailer debuted. We also discuss Atlus becoming a bit more lenient regarding their streaming policies for Persona 5, which is a great move inContinue reading “The Gamer Professionals Show Episode 9 is Now Live”

New Nintendo 2DS XL – Renewed Commitment to Heldhelds or Swan Song?

On April 27th Nintendo put out a reveal trailer for a new handheld, the New Nintendo 2DS XL. Now if you are imagining a single slab design like the first Nintendo 2DS, but giant, you would be wrong. This system is much like the New Nintendo 3DS XL just without the Stereoscopic 3D. The NewContinue reading “New Nintendo 2DS XL – Renewed Commitment to Heldhelds or Swan Song?”

DESYNC Review (PC)

DESYNC is an arcade style arena shooter from FORGONE. In this game you get to shoot through wave after wave of enemies, but it isn’t that simple. DESYNC also has a scoring system which encourages you to do special combos, hit enemies into traps, and dodge precisely. To add encouragement and replay value there areContinue reading “DESYNC Review (PC)”

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase: The Lineup Just Got Bigger

Earlier today in the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase, Nintendo announced over 60 indie titles that will be coming to the console this year. Some of these titles are Nintendo Switch exclusives or timed exclusives. Many of them are built with HD Rumble, portability, easy local multiplayer and other Switch-specific features in mind. Here are some ofContinue reading “Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase: The Lineup Just Got Bigger”

Rise & Shine Review (Xbox One)

Rise & Shine is a fun cross between a Puzzle Platformer and a Bullet Hell Shooter.  It is the latest game from the indie developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team, and their first foray onto consoles and PC. You play as Rise, a young boy and resident of GameEarth. Rise has been thrown into the middleContinue reading “Rise & Shine Review (Xbox One)”

Nintendo Switch Game Line Up

The Nintendo Switch will release on March 3rd of this year. Nintendo said that there are already 80+ games in development. We do not yet know all of them, but we expect to be given more detail in the coming months. Here is a list of the announced games: Launch Day 03/03/2017 1-2-Switch The LegendContinue reading “Nintendo Switch Game Line Up”

Splatoon 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2 has just been announced for the Nintendo Switch, and all sorts of new features have been added. New types of Inklings have been “discovered”. These squids can dodge, roll, and are all around more maneuverable. New character customization options will also be introduced – most notably are the different hairstyles. A new weaponContinue reading “Splatoon 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch”