The Last Guardian: Biology Informs Behavior

The Last Guardian for the PlayStation 4 was a project that took nearly a decade to complete. Team Ico began development for the game back in 2007 with a planned release in 2011 for the PlayStation 3. But, as fans are well aware, the game went through a series of devastating setbacks that nearly sawContinue reading “The Last Guardian: Biology Informs Behavior”

The Last Guardian Review (PS4)

Personally, I wasn’t expecting to like The Last Guardian much. There was a light fanaticism surrounding it’s release that foretold a chorus of praise despite any of the game’s shortcomings. I had never played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, this game’s spiritual predecessors, so my experience was no¬†way shaped by nostalgia. Even so, theContinue reading “The Last Guardian Review (PS4)”