Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Review

There are many gaming accessories out there but very few have as large of an impact on your immersion and enjoyment as a quality headset. Nothing pulls me into the moment quite like a well-orchestrated boss battle theme or an emotional melody during a game’s pivotal moments. A good headset boosts these occurrences tenfold. ItContinue reading “Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Review”

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset Review

If you’re in the market for a solid gaming headset at a reasonable price, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is a fantastic option for both single player and online multiplayer. For the past month, I have been exclusively using this headset for all of my time spent on the Xbox One and, for a hundredContinue reading “Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset Review”

Turtle Beach XO Three Headset Review

For online multiplayer, a quality headset is important, whether you’re a highly competitive gamer or just somebody who likes to play casually with friends. The Turtle Beach XO Three is an officially licensed gaming headset for Xbox One, complete with a boom mic and surround sound. At the very reasonable price of $69.95, it’s aContinue reading “Turtle Beach XO Three Headset Review”