Square Enix Hints at Increased Production for FFXV Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Seeing the incredible response that Final Fantasy XV has generated, it’s no surprise that the incredibly expansive Ultimate Collector’s Edition package sold out within 30 minutes. With only 30,000 copies in production worldwide, there was an insanely high demand for the product. Fortunately, in a post on Twitter, FFXV director Hajime Tabata stated that SquareContinue reading “Square Enix Hints at Increased Production for FFXV Ultimate Collector’s Edition”

Bethesda Announces E3 2016 Conference Presence

In an announcement via Twitter, Bethesda announced that they will be holding a showcase at E3 2016. With the simple tagline ‘Are you Game?,’ could they be suggesting some major announcements? The accompanying image includes a range of characters from previous Bethesda titles, including Skyrim, the Fallout franchise, and Dishonored, among many others. pic.twitter.com/leEipJzmLT —Continue reading “Bethesda Announces E3 2016 Conference Presence”

Final Smash Bros DLC Dated

If you’re itching to get your hands on the latest Super Smash Bros. DLC, it seems that the wait may not last much longer. In a tweet from Nintendo of America, the release date for the upcoming expansion was confirmed for February 3. The update includes Bayonetta, the titular Umbra Witch from the Bayonetta franchise,Continue reading “Final Smash Bros DLC Dated”

Sony Takes to Twitter For PS2 Favourites

As Sony begins rolling out emulated PS2 software for the PS4 hardware, they are turning to Twitter to gauge the most desired titles. With the hashtag #PS2PS4, Sony staff are monitoring the most popular suggestions from the extensive catalog of PlayStation 2 software. While no suggestions made this way are guaranteed to make the transitionContinue reading “Sony Takes to Twitter For PS2 Favourites”

Mother 3 Inbound for Japanese Virtual Console

In a post on Twitter, Nintendo of Japan confirmed the release of the much-loved Mother 3 for the Wii U Virtual Console, solely in their home market. Mother 3 is the most recent title in the franchise known in the West as Earthbound, releasing exclusively in Japan back in 2006 for the Game Boy Advance.Continue reading “Mother 3 Inbound for Japanese Virtual Console”

Far Cry Set to Go Primal

Gaming news hub IGN has let a reveal for the latest Far Cry title slip. Through a since-withdrawn Twitter post, IGN announced that Far Cry Primal will be the next addition to Ubisoft’s franchise. As the title would suggest, Primal is set to take the Far Cry series to a prehistoric timeline, a significant departureContinue reading “Far Cry Set to Go Primal”

GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest

I warned you this would happen, but hopefully you’re prepared! GamerPros is hosting a small Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer contest. While most people are just playing to please the animals, others have realized that the ease with which animals accept your designs leaves players an opportunity to design homes in unconventional manners, if they chooseContinue reading “GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest”

Super Mario Maker Stream to be Hosted on Twitch

If you’re itching to get stuck into the upcoming Super Mario Maker, Nintendo has something that just might scratch that itch. Nintendo of America will be hosting a dedicated Super Mario Maker stream over at Twitch.tv. The stream promises a “level design workshop” and a degree of fan interaction. The stream was announced via Twitter,Continue reading “Super Mario Maker Stream to be Hosted on Twitch”