The Division Open Beta Preload Begins

This is becoming the new trend in AAA gaming isn’t it? First Battlefront does it, and now we present The Division open beta! The good news is that preloading for all platforms has begun as of today. If you have any plans of trying The Division, then there is no harm in preloading it so thatContinue reading “The Division Open Beta Preload Begins”

Ubisoft Confirms No Assassin’s Creed this Year

According to a blog post, Ubisoft will not be releasing a new Assassin’s Creed in 2016. With the exception of 2008, Ubisoft has released major entries in the Assassin’s Creed franchise yearly since 2007 in addition to regular releases of their various handheld series. The blog post goes on to promise a re-examination of the Assassin’s Creed franchise inContinue reading “Ubisoft Confirms No Assassin’s Creed this Year”

The Division — Most Disappointing Changes

When I first heard of The Division I was so excited for it I couldn’t contain myself. The same could be said of a few other Ubisoft games, but those didn’t turn out so well. I think we are hitting a similar situation with The Division so today I wanted to talk about everything thatContinue reading “The Division — Most Disappointing Changes”

The Division May See An Open Beta This Month

The increasingly popular game, The Division, is finishing up its closed beta as I write this, but we already have news on an open beta coming later this month for all players. The image below states that the beta will start on February 16th and end on February 21st. Sadly though, the key word in theContinue reading “The Division May See An Open Beta This Month”

Far Cry Primal PC Specs Detailed

The required hardware specifications for the upcoming Far Cry Primal have been officially announced by Ubisoft. The post made on the Ubisoft blog detailed both the minimum and recommended specs, as well as a list of supported video cards at release. The details are as follows: Minimum Supported OS Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10Continue reading “Far Cry Primal PC Specs Detailed”

Assassin’s Creed Has Hit its Peak

With the continuing coverage of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate throwing gamers into the hype that is to be expected with any AC title, it again seems like this iteration of the series will be the most developed and will have the most features, the best story, the best graphics and the usual things one anticipates when they think of sequels,Continue reading “Assassin’s Creed Has Hit its Peak”

Far Cry Set to Go Primal

Gaming news hub IGN has let a reveal for the latest Far Cry title slip. Through a since-withdrawn Twitter post, IGN announced that Far Cry Primal will be the next addition to Ubisoft’s franchise. As the title would suggest, Primal is set to take the Far Cry series to a prehistoric timeline, a significant departureContinue reading “Far Cry Set to Go Primal”