Street Fighter V Update Introduces Alex

The first major update for Street Fighter V is on the way, and new details courtesy of the official CAPCOM blog have shed some light on the included content. First and foremost is the inclusion of Alex as a playable character. From his debut in Street Fighter III, Alex has proven to be a popular,Continue reading “Street Fighter V Update Introduces Alex”

Super Mario Maker Key Update Unlocks Additional Features

A brief video detailing the upcoming Super Mario Maker update has been released via YouTube. The focus of this update is on keys and locked doors, creating new ways to guide progression through your created levels. Keys can be attached to blocks and enemies, or simply left hidden in the environment. They can also beContinue reading “Super Mario Maker Key Update Unlocks Additional Features”

Minecraft Combat Update Released On PC

Mojang has officially released the Minecraft Patch 1.9 combat-centric update. This update brings a slew of new features to expand the game from the original which consisted of simply building. Previously, combat in the game consisted of furiously dealing as many attacks towards an enemy in the hopes that they succumb to damage before you did. Now theContinue reading “Minecraft Combat Update Released On PC”

DC Universe Online Celebrates 5th Anniversary

DC Universe Online, the comic-publishing giant’s MMORPG, is set to make the jump over to Xbox One later this year. The title is currently available on both PC and PS4, with cross-play between the two slated to release on January 25. There has been no mention of cross-play for the upcoming Xbox One release, soContinue reading “DC Universe Online Celebrates 5th Anniversary”

Xbox One Backwards Compatible List Detailed

Microsoft has formally announced the list of backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games for the Xbox One, with the first wave of 104 titles to be made accessible on November 12. The extensive list of titles includes the complete Gears of War series, Assassin’s Creed II, Fallout 3 and many others, with the intention to build uponContinue reading “Xbox One Backwards Compatible List Detailed”

PSN Survey Hints at Future Features

In an effort to gauge interest in specific developments, Sony has rolled out an invitation-only survey to a select group of PlayStation Network members. The primary purpose of the survey was to ascertain the most important features the PSN had on offer. In addition to a blank suggestion box, a list of significant features wasContinue reading “PSN Survey Hints at Future Features”