November 2018 Upcoming Games Will Empty Your Wallet

With October coming to a close and our wallets well and truly drained, we could use a break to recharge and prepare for the new onslaught of games. November’s upcoming games suggest otherwise with some incredible titles releasing this month. Ready your wallets for another round of video game purchases. Welcome to No-Money-November! Diablo III:Continue reading “November 2018 Upcoming Games Will Empty Your Wallet”

Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours

Call of Fatigue I picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last week, the first Call of Duty game I have bought since 2013’s Ghosts. The aforementioned Ghosts really put me off the series and in my mind the franchise was slowly falling into decline, after the incredible first two Black Ops titles and theContinue reading “Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours”

Rise of the Video Game Demo

In the 1990’s, the popular method of distributing a video game was shareware, a business model that blew up within the PC gaming market. It allowed players to receive a portion of a game, free of charge, and then pay a small fee to receive the full version. Developers would encourage their fans to shareContinue reading “Rise of the Video Game Demo”

A Gamer’s Look into Game Art Design

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, new video game hardware has continued to launch gaming into the far-fledged future, generation after generation, and as consumers of video games we commonly gush over titles with photo-realistic visuals and high-fidelity. This two traits are commonly acknowledged as the pinnacle of graphical power. Let’s take a lookContinue reading “A Gamer’s Look into Game Art Design”

What we NEED to see in Pokémon Switch (and also what we don’t)

We know for sure that a flagship Pokémon game is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in the future – Game Freak confirmed this back at 2017’s E3 show. But while there are still no solid details surrounding Pokémon Switch at the moment, the idea of new entry of everyone’s favorite monster collection title appearing on a proper home consoleContinue reading “What we NEED to see in Pokémon Switch (and also what we don’t)”

Games as Experiences, Not Games as Services

Games as services seems to be becoming the prevailing thought process when making a new game. But for something to be classified as a ‘service’, it has to in some way ‘serve’ the person who owns the product that’s giving that service. And that just isn’t happening at all. The way the industry is movingContinue reading “Games as Experiences, Not Games as Services”

Mainstream Video Games Have Become Too Easy

When it comes to the topic of video game difficulty the most important thing to recognise is that difficulty is relative. What to me is simply a walk in the Green Hill Zone might well be a day of Battletoads for you. The concept of difficulty is broadened when considering what the aim of theContinue reading “Mainstream Video Games Have Become Too Easy”

GPS Episode 18: Zelda DLC, Microsoft’s Exclusive Problem, and More

Episode 18 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Professionals Show (GPS) is now live! Post-E3, we are in a bit of a drought in terms of releases, but there’s a few news items to go over, as well as the new Zelda expansion. We discuss the big news this week including Doomfist finally coming to Overwatch, theContinue reading “GPS Episode 18: Zelda DLC, Microsoft’s Exclusive Problem, and More”

Draining The Swamp: The Case for ‘Less Stuff’ in Video Games

I don’t know about you but when my family gets brutally executed all I want to do is collect as many feathers as possible. Likewise, when I wake up after being shot and buried alive all I want to do is find collectible snow globes. Collecting random junk is a staple of the gaming experience,Continue reading “Draining The Swamp: The Case for ‘Less Stuff’ in Video Games”

Brace for the Inevitable Criticism of Far Cry 5

With a teaser trailer and images released recently, it is confirmed that Ubisofts’ latest edition of the wilderness kill-a-thon franchise Far Cry will be taking place in near-present day rural Montana. While this setting, and what seems to be the theocratic separatist antagonists that will compromise the ‘angry locals’ cannon fodder synonymous with the franchise,Continue reading “Brace for the Inevitable Criticism of Far Cry 5”

Dispelling the Myth of the “Gamer Girl”

The subject of the “gamer girl” is divisive by nature. I can’t write an article in a vacuum and I can’t write without any level of personal bias (without saying much at all about anything) so take this into consideration before continuing to read on. My opinion is also not indicative of the opinion ofContinue reading “Dispelling the Myth of the “Gamer Girl””

The Business Problem with AAA Publishers

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the mainstream gaming market will be aware of the complaints that have been circulating over the last couple of years. The seemingly constant focus on pre-ordering, franchise milking, and the shoe-horning of DLC at the expense of actual creativity has many pining for the ‘old days’ where aContinue reading “The Business Problem with AAA Publishers”