Total War:WARHAMMER Wood Elves DLC Preview

Total War: Warhammer is finally getting a new faction after months of unit and hero DLC’s. The Wood Elves, long rumored and now confirmed and getting their own DLC. The last DLC faction detailed in my Beastmen preview was a huge success; they added depth in a lacking grand campaign mode, where the empire wouldContinue reading “Total War:WARHAMMER Wood Elves DLC Preview”

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Review (XBO)

When Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide released in October of 2015, it was welcomed by fans as an exceptional addition to the Warhammer universe. Many critics, including Gamer Professionals, thought very highly of the game, and scores ranged from 80%-95%, on average. Fast-forward to October 2016 (one year after the original release), developer Fatshark decidedContinue reading “Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Review (XBO)”

Dawn Of War III Gamescom Preview

We don’t know a whole lot about Dawn Of War III just yet, but we do know that this game is going to be drastically different from the past two titles in the series. The gamescom gameplay showcased the Blood Ravens chapter battling Eldar, with a surprise Wraith Knight appearance. Dawn Of War III willContinue reading “Dawn Of War III Gamescom Preview”

TW: Warhammer Beastmen Part II

A follow up story to my previous Beastmen DLC preview, we now know without a shadow of a doubt how this faction will play, and the relative ways to safely approach a campaign. More information in the preview for beastmen part II. The beastmen have finally had a battle reveal, and it’s very telling onContinue reading “TW: Warhammer Beastmen Part II”

TW: Warhammer Beastmen Preview

It’s official, the Beastmen, scourge of the oldworld are coming to Total War: Warhammer on July 28. This strikes most of the Warhammer faithful by surprise for a variety of reasons, mostly being that the Beastmen weren’t considered a very popular race in the Warhammer Universe. Even Warhammer fans may not know much about them,Continue reading “TW: Warhammer Beastmen Preview”

Dawn of War 3 Announced

Dawn of War 3 has been announced! Today an announcement trailer was released to officially announce the next installment of the Dawn of War series. The trailer debuts a series of features and new additions to the franchise in the most gruesome way possible. Dawn of War 3 will feature a three-faction campaign that willContinue reading “Dawn of War 3 Announced”