Nintendo reveals a brand new exercise RPG titled, ‘Ring Fit Adventure’

Nintendo is being weird again, and their cryptic video which released a couple of weeks ago depicting groups of people playing with a strange ring-like controller has finally been revealed as Ring Fit Adventure.  This game will mark another attempt for Nintendo at creating a fitness game, with the first significant success being Wii FitContinue reading “Nintendo reveals a brand new exercise RPG titled, ‘Ring Fit Adventure’”

Nintendo’s Switch Can Learn From Past Consoles

Like most people, I think the Switch looks quite interesting and unlike any other console we’ve seen before. I’ve always wanted a handheld with an adjustable screen size, and this is pretty close. Nintendo has certainly had some hits and misses from their past three console cycles, but they did a lot right. I think if theyContinue reading “Nintendo’s Switch Can Learn From Past Consoles”

Nintendo Switch Will Bring ‘Hardcore’ Crowd Back Into the Fold

If you’ve been absent from reality today, you may have somehow missed the preview trailer for the new Nintendo Switch console. The hype has been building around the reveal of this machine for weeks, even months. I have mostly ignored Nintendo for a long, long time, which is incredibly sad. The only occasions on which I’ve played aContinue reading “Nintendo Switch Will Bring ‘Hardcore’ Crowd Back Into the Fold”

Looking Back at Metroid’s 30 Year History

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, and today marks the 30th anniversary of the first game in the series. The original Metroid launched on August 6, 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was met with critical acclaim due to its innovative progression system, eerie atmosphere, and overall originality. Its map was continuallyContinue reading “Looking Back at Metroid’s 30 Year History”

New ‘Nintendo Selects’ Titles Announced for North America

Starting on March 11th, Nintendo will be cutting the price on a handful of great Wii, Wii U, and 3DS titles. According to Nintendo, the popular titles will now be marketed as “Nintendo Selects” and priced at a very reasonable price of $19.99. This is a great opportunity to play some games you might haveContinue reading “New ‘Nintendo Selects’ Titles Announced for North America”

New Nintendo Selects Titles Leaked

New additions to the Nintendo Selects line of games have been revealed, courtesy of a leak from Canadian retailer Video Games Plus. Among the revealed titles are a selection of first-party 3DS, Wii U and Wii games, bringing together some of the more popular releases that may be difficult to find in the current market.Continue reading “New Nintendo Selects Titles Leaked”

Pokkén Tournament Arrives on Wii U in Spring 2016

The Pokémon arcade fighter, Pokkén Tournament, just received a new trailer, and it’s a doozy. Shown formally at the Pokémon World Championships in Boston, this title will be released for the Nintendo Wii U coming Spring 2016 for North America, after rave reviews from players in Japan. Everything about this title looks incredible, from theContinue reading “Pokkén Tournament Arrives on Wii U in Spring 2016”