Loading Screens Should be More Dynamic

People love to be distracted. It’s a pretty big part of the reason why people play games in the first place – to distract ourselves from the world. It’s certainly not the only reason nor is it necessarily a bad reason, but people are naturally drawn to distraction. Doctors talk to you when they’re about toContinue reading “Loading Screens Should be More Dynamic”

Nintendo Adds Eight Titles to $20 Selects Catalog

The Nintendo Selects line will be introducing eight new titles, starting on August 26th. Similar to Xbox’s ‘Platinum Hits’ and Playstation’s ‘Greatest Hits’ line, Nintendo Selects offers their fan-favorite high quality games at a reasonable price of $20. The newly priced games are as follows: 3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf Lego City Undercover: The ChaseContinue reading “Nintendo Adds Eight Titles to $20 Selects Catalog”