ReCore Review (Xbox One)

ReCore is a charming action platformer by a studio made up of well-established developers. Armature consists of folks who had worked on Metroid Prime as well as Keiji Inafune, who is known for his extensive work on the Mega Man series. Their DNA is certainly all over this game, but it lacks the level ofContinue reading “ReCore Review (Xbox One)”

Xbox One’s Summer Update has Tons of New Features

Microsoft have begun putting out new features for their Xbox One Summer Update, which introduces a number of features including the Cortana assistant and background music. Its newest features include Language Region Independence and a new Xbox app for Android and iOS. For a full breakdown of the update’s new features, check out the listContinue reading “Xbox One’s Summer Update has Tons of New Features”

We Happy Few Still Has a Long Way to Go

We Happy Few has been on the map for over a year now, though it did not start to receive its massive amount of hype until its E3 2016 trailer. There we saw a man existing in a Brave New World-esque “utopia” where high society live their lives under the constant influence of a drugContinue reading “We Happy Few Still Has a Long Way to Go”

Sea of Thieves Trailer and Gameplay Revealed

During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Rare showcased Sea of Thieves, their next ambitious title. In this long awaited game, players take on the role of a crew of pirates, and must survive the high seas. In both a trailer and gameplay segment, we were treated to what awaits players on the high seas. Players will beContinue reading “Sea of Thieves Trailer and Gameplay Revealed”

Microsoft Cancels ‘Fable Legends’

Microsoft has ceased all development on the online action RPG Fable Legends. Longtime Fable creator and developer, Lionhead Studios, is also at great risk of shutting down. Fable Legends had been in development since summer 2012 and has been hailed as an always-online Fable adventure. Additionally, it would feature cross-device play between Xbox One and WindowsContinue reading “Microsoft Cancels ‘Fable Legends’”

Windows 10 Upgrade Now Considered Recommended

The free Windows 10 upgrade has been changed from an optional upgrade to a recommended upgrade. The upgrade could automatically start installing itself when Windows Update next runs. In a blog post in October last year, it was announced “Early next year, we expect to be re-categorizing Windows 10 as a “Recommended Update.” The automaticContinue reading “Windows 10 Upgrade Now Considered Recommended”