Free 30 Minute Trial of ReCore

Microsoft users are being treated to the first 30 minutes of newly released, ReCore, free of charge. Senior editor of the game, Joseph Staten, announced today on Xbox News that any Xbox One or Windows 10 user will have access to the free trial, found here. ReCore was released for Xbox One and Windows 10Continue reading “Free 30 Minute Trial of ReCore”

The Walking Dead: Michonne: Episode 1 Review (PS4)

Serving as something in-between downloadable content for The Walking Dead: Season 2 and a prelude to The Walking Dead: Season 3, TellTale’s Michonne miniseries felt out of place to me since its announcement last summer; however, I was nonetheless ready to whet my appetite for more of TellTale’s flagship series. Fans of the comics and the show know MichonneContinue reading “The Walking Dead: Michonne: Episode 1 Review (PS4)”

Cortana Beta Rolled Out Onto iOS

It seems that the popular Microsoft-made personal assistant is making its (her?) way to iOS devices today in the form of a closed beta. It was announced via a Windows Insider post that the rather popular PC and Android application is ready to take the next step in expanding onto other operating systems, with a lucky fewContinue reading “Cortana Beta Rolled Out Onto iOS”

Arkham Knight Returns to Steam Store

The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight has made its return to the Steam storefront after a lengthy hiatus. Major launch issues caused publisher Warner Bros Interactive to pull the game from shelves back in June, shortly after release. Free copies of prior games in the Arkham franchise will be available for download to anybodyContinue reading “Arkham Knight Returns to Steam Store”