World of Final Fantasy Review (PS4)

With the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy, Square Enix is releasing World of Final Fantasy. The game very much appears to try and create an experience that will appeal to nearly every Final Fantasy fan, be it through game mechanics, character line-up, appearing monsters, or story. World of Final Fantasy does its absolute best to create a game that appeals to nearly every Final Fantasy fan,Continue reading “World of Final Fantasy Review (PS4)”

World of Final Fantasy Releases October 25 With E3 2016 Trailer

Seems like E3 conferences get more and more leaked out as the years go by, to the point that they rarely surprise; Sony’s 2015 conference was a notable exception. Today, Square Enix took the lid off and brought some more information about World of Final Fantasy, the chibi-inspired Final Fantasy game announced last year atContinue reading “World of Final Fantasy Releases October 25 With E3 2016 Trailer”