Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review (Switch)

Definitely the largest role-playing game on the Switch as of yet, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an ambitious game that puts the Switch to a unique test. The game is not designed to be played in short sittings so the console’s ability to switch between docked and handheld mode becomes an huge asset. I found myself switchingContinue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review (Switch)”

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Set for Holiday 2017 Release

Nintendo revealed an extended cinematic trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which is set for a Holiday 2017 release on the Nintendo Switch. In classic JRPG fashion, the game features colorful characters wielding large swords. We had a brief outline of the story and it appears to revolve around the floating city of Elysium. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wasContinue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Set for Holiday 2017 Release”

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review (Wii U)

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes from a lineage of a long line of Xeno games that span 17 years, four different console generations and two different developers in Squaresoft and Monolith Soft. Monolith now finds itself a subsidiary of Nintendo, which acquired the developer from Bandai Namco in 2007. While there was much criticism of TetsuyaContinue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles X Review (Wii U)”

Enticing Pre-Order Bonus for Xenoblade Chronicles X

The US market is set to receive perhaps the most unique pre-order bonus in videogame history. Early adopters of the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X will receive a complimentary $10 gift voucher, redeemable only on pizza. The $10 “e-Pizza cash” card can be redeemed online in exchange for a voucher that can be used at anyContinue reading “Enticing Pre-Order Bonus for Xenoblade Chronicles X”

Special Edition Bundle Confirmed for Xenoblade Chronicles X

In its’ panel at PAX Prime, Nintendo of America confirmed that Monolith Soft’s upcoming Wii U RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X, will be receiving a special collector’s edition bundle. The bundle is set to include a copy of the game, a postcard, a 100-page artbook, and a custom USB drive containing a selection of tracks from the game’sContinue reading “Special Edition Bundle Confirmed for Xenoblade Chronicles X”