1-Minute Rants: Final Fantasy XV

With the recent re-launch of our YouTube channel, our Associate Editor Ben Hutchings goes full British and talks about the shortcomings involved with Final Fantasy XV in the new video series, 1-Minute Rants. If you enjoy the content, be sure to subscribe to the channel as we’ve got plenty more content coming out for you allContinue reading “1-Minute Rants: Final Fantasy XV”

Warner Bros. Paid YouTubers for Positive Reviews

It was recently revealed that Warner Bros. paid YouTube personalities to promote their games in a positive light. Among those paid was the very prominent and influential PewDiePie, who has over 46 million subscribers and holds a net worth of $12,000,000. The Federal Trade Commission revealed, “Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc. has settled Federal TradeContinue reading “Warner Bros. Paid YouTubers for Positive Reviews”

Introducing the Gamer Professionals YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone, today is a big step forward for Gamer Professionals. Games media coverage has changed rapidly over the past several years: coverage started back from the original magazines of Electronic Gaming Monthly, GamePro, and Nintendo Power (hard copies), to the introduction and deluge of online media outlets (like this one). Nowadays, people want instant access,Continue reading “Introducing the Gamer Professionals YouTube Channel!”

Pokémon Reorchestrated YouTube Channel Shuts Down

Braxton Burks, the owner and operator of Pokémon Reorchestrated received another blow today, following a rather unfortunate series of events last week. The Pokémon Reorchestrated YouTube channel received two copyright strikes in quick succession last week, with no specific reason given by The Pokémon Company International. A third and final strike has been issued againstContinue reading “Pokémon Reorchestrated YouTube Channel Shuts Down”

Sony Files Trademark Claim on Let’s Play

In a move that can only be described as bold, Sony Computer Entertainment of America has filed a trademark claim for the phrase “Let’s Play.” The phrase is frequently used to refer to a popular style of video content in which a videogame is played and broadcast in its entirety, often with accompanying player commentary.Continue reading “Sony Files Trademark Claim on Let’s Play”

YouTube Makes First Foray Into Subscription Models

Google has announced a subscription-based model for its YouTube service, dubbed YouTube Red. The service promises original, exclusive content by recognized YouTube stars including PewDiePie and Rooster Teeth among others. It also offers the ability to download and watch content offline, as well as access to YouTube Gaming and a new YouTube Music app. AllContinue reading “YouTube Makes First Foray Into Subscription Models”

The Gaming Community Is Its Worst Enemy

Video gaming communities are among some of the most passionate of fan bases. They are also some of the most vicious communities out there as well. Gaming communities can make waves and can visibly influence the effects on the way a game was meant to be developed. This is shameful because video games are a form of artContinue reading “The Gaming Community Is Its Worst Enemy”

YouTube Gaming Prepares for Launch

August 26th marks the launch of YouTube’s very own game streaming service, the appropriately named Youtube Gaming. The streaming service stands as a direct competitor to the incredibly popular Twitch.tv, a site owned and operated under the Amazon brand. YouTube Gaming offers live-streaming of a range of popular games, directly distributing the video feed fromContinue reading “YouTube Gaming Prepares for Launch”