Take a walk this Night in the Woods


Coming sometime in 2016 with no set date is a Night in the Woods. This is an indie adventure game created by Infinite Fall and funded through a Kickstarter that turned out to be quite successful. Kickstarter has become quite handy in funding a plethora of new projects, both from well known companies and their franchises, and indie games from smaller groups alike. Night in the Woods is drawn in a cute and simplistic fashion, with most of the characters in the world appearing as if they were drawn to reflect paper.

In Night in the Woods the player takes on the role of college dropout: Mae Borowski, a cat that’s a bit too discontented with life and heads back to her hometown in hopes to reacquaint herself with old friends. The town has changed since she has left however, and each day that goes by in the town the nights get colder, and the woods around her town of Possum Springs gets closer.

Concerning the story, that’s as far as what we know. Though the supplementary games of Lost Constellation that are offered through their website seem to reveal that the game will have a heavier tone of mystery, of both the grim and whimsical kind. Magical beings are plentiful in the ‘prequel’, alluding to what may come. Though not a direct prequel, it serves as a filler for those wishing to whet their appetite.

Catch a glimpse of Night in the Wood with the trailer linked below! Coming out (sometime) this 2016!