Techland Hints At Two New Titles


Founder of Techland and CEO Pawel Marchewka announced during the Digital Dragons 2016 conference that the studio is working on two triple-A titles with roughly an 80 million USD budget. One could even be a sequel to the popular free-running, horror-survival game Dying Light. The other promises to bring us a completely new world.

“I would like to share some good news with all the fans of Techland’s games: we’re currently working on not one, but two new titles. We estimate their total budget to be around USD 77 million, so these will be so-called AAA games,”

— Pawel Marchewka, CEO Techland.

Marchewka also states that each game will be developed by different studios under Techland ownership. The first title is yet to be named, and will be handled by Techland’s Wroclaw based studio. Techland’s Warsaw studio will be developing the second title, while their third studio, based in Vancouver will provide tech support on both titles.

No official statements from Techland have been made on these new titles. Some speculate that one of the projects could be the sequel to Dying Light. However, GamePressure has confirmed the second title to be “open world title with RPG elements, set in a fantasy universe,” meaning a totally new IP! This game will feature both single and co op play and supposedly is more ambitious than Hellraid.

Marchewka expects the pair of titles to release in the next two to three years. More may be revealed about these titles during this year’s E3 on June 14. Techland has made these titles priority over Dying Light stating:

“However, we will definitely continue small-scale support of the game – updated, patches and social events”.

— Pawel Marchewka

It’s no secret that Techland’s presence at the Digital Dragons conference was a chance to find developers to collaborate with. However their current priority is their Warsaw-based branch and expanding it.

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  1. Yay! Loved Call Of Juarez, Dead Island and Dying Light was their best work! Anything from this studio is welcome.

    1. All of those are great games! I still go back to Dead Island every once in a while. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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