Telltale Games Is Replacing Its Outdated Engine

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Telltale Games used the Telltale Tool, the studio’s in-house game engine, to develop comic-book graphics with a choose-your-own-adventure gameplay.

A report from Variety confirmed that Telltale will finally move away from the Telltale Tool and begin using Unity engine for future games. Currently, The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 is in development and is the first game by Telltale to use Unity. Last month, Telltale announced that The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 is delayed due to issues in the developmental process. They claimed that this game will change the way players experience a Telltale game.

According to Variety, Telltale’s old engine led to poor sales and consumers growing tired of the developmental similarities in the latest releases. The partnership between Netflix and Telltale Games was a clear driving force for switching engines and it created a new beginning for Telltale. Next year, Telltale will launch another game using Unity based on the Netflix original, Stranger Things.

Also, in January, job postings for Telltale went live for developers experienced in Unity. One of the board members for Telltale Games happens to be John Riccitiello, the CEO of Unity, so dropping Telltale Tool should not be too much of a shock.

The Walking Dead: Final Season, launching on August 14, 2018, will be the last game to use Telltale Tool.