Thank you, Jordan Aslett, for Everything.

Kick ass and take names because you're gonna be writing about games.


Man, I’m sitting here knowing that this day would come at some point, but now that it’s here it’s tough to come up with enough words to say about this without feeling emotional. Effective today my, no, our Managing Editor Jordan Aslett retired from his position as the Managing Editor of Gamer Professionals.

Over the last few months, Jordan had been searching to get a foot into the games industry and utilize his passion for writing as a full-time career, something I wanted to help him find. Jordan joined my team in its infancy, three years and two months ago – Gamer Professionals turns four this August. He’s been with me since the formative days, and was a crucial part of the website’s operation, rising rapidly as a Staff Writer and joining my Executive Staff team not too long after demonstrating repeated loyalty and commitment to the mission. The guy even was willing to fly out to E3 and help move the website forward.

Jordan is somebody who has seen me at my absolute worst, when my health took some concerning tumbles and when I had to focus down on my graduate studies. Every step of the way, he had his hand on my back and supported me. Instead of complaining or whining, he remained dedicated to the mission, and for that alone, I am forever grateful, and I know that his efforts and contributions will be a part of this website until the end of its days. He and I always liked to butt heads about our favorite JRPGs or nitpicking about Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but at the end of the day we almost always agreed about how we wanted to take the site forward, even if it took longer.

Where is Jordan going now? I am incredibly proud to announce that Jordan will be taking up a new mantle at PlayStation Lifestyle as a News Editor, and is working together with the crew at PC Invasion, an Enthusiast Gaming partner, to rebuild the site, two roles that I am entirely confident that he will flourish within. Jordan, I know you’ll be reading this somehow or someway, but I want you to know that I will always appreciate what you have done for not just the website, but in my personal and professional development. You helped make me a stronger leader, a better friend, and more confident in where I want to go now. I cannot ever repay you for the many, many gifts you’ve given me, and while I’m heartbroken to have to let you go, I’m so proud of you and what you’ve been able to achieve. So go out there in the gaming world and kill it. Your time may have been fleeting here as a part of my Executive Staff, but you will always be family to me. Thank you, Jordan Aslett, for everything.