Thatgamecompany Is Teasing Their New Game

Throughout the day, thatgamecompany has been teasing us with artwork pertaining to their newest game. Thatgamecompany left their stamp on the gaming industry with their incredible games Journey and Flow, the former received multiple Game of the Year nominations during 2012. Check out the teaser artwork below.

The First Teaser Image Released by thatgamecompany.
The first teaser image released by thatgameompany.
The second image release to promote their upcoming game.
The second image released to promote their upcoming game.
The most recent teaser image.

Thatgamecompany’s blog lists this that this new game is being released sometime in 2017. This means that it could be as early as two months from now, or as far off as fourteen months from now. Perhaps Thatgamecompany is teasing us with these images to prepare for some kind of announcement in the near future?

Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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