The Division 2’s Announcement and Road Map for The Division in 2018

the division 2

On The Division‘s second birthday, Ubisoft made the announcement that The Division 2 is under development and led by Massive Entertainment. Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Annecy, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Bucharest are also collaborating.

Although The Division 2’s development will be getting most of the attention in the next few months, Ubisoft has not forgotten about The Division 1 players (Bungie should take note). Here is a timeline of content taken from Ubisoft’s blog post for The Division 1 for the spring and summer:

April: Update 1.8.1, which includes the Xbox One X patch and the implementation of Classified drop rate changes discussed on a previous State of the Game. We are also introducing two new Legendary modes alongside a new Global Event: Blackout.

May: New Global Event: Onslaught.

June: Update 1.8.2, which will introduce two more Legendary mission modes and bring back Global Event: Outbreak. This update also marks the beginning of the brand new Shields monthly feature, in which achievements earned playing The Division will grant special rewards in The Division 2.

July: Global Event: Assault, with the continuation of Shields.

August: Global Event: Strike, with the continuation of Shields.

September: Global Event: Ambush, with the continuation of Shields.

The Division 2 will be at E3 2018 so it would be no surprise if Ubisoft waited until E3 rolls around to give us major details. In the past two years, The Division has acquired 20 million players, who will all be eagerly awaiting any new information.

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