The Division — Most Disappointing Changes

When I first heard of The Division I was so excited for it I couldn’t contain myself. The same could be said of a few other Ubisoft games, but those didn’t turn out so well. I think we are hitting a similar situation with The Division so today I wanted to talk about everything that has gone wrong with The Division. The game we are supposed to be getting next month is unfortunately not at all what we were originally promised, or led to believe we were getting. Let’s highlight the most disappointing changes that were officially presented in the closed beta.

What you are seeing above is the entirety of The Division’s map as we know it. Highlighted are where the trailers we have been shown took place and where we actually get to play. Notice the problem here? That’s only central Manhattan. That’s right, remember that one-to-one scale we were promised of New York City? Turns out they meant one-to-one scale of a third of one borough instead. They completely cut out Brooklyn, for example, a borough that they showed gameplay for long before today. A view of the actual playable area at launch can be located here for anyone interested. Why would they design an entire borough and then rip it out of the game? I don’t know for sure but that season pass looks very suspicious to any gamer that is savvy to the shenanigans AAA gaming publishers have been pulling recently.

Remember the old trailers that showed roaming NPCs such as civilians needing help as well as roaming bands of NPCs? As a player of The Division’s closed beta and as someone that has seen the feedback from other closed beta players, and as a close follower of The Division’s streams ─ I have some bad news. For whatever reason NPC activity has been scaled back very drastically. New York City was an empty place and I am not sure why The Division agents were here trying to save a barren city, but I hope they crank these spawns back up. What is the point in fighting to save a city when all the people are gone?

Referencing this old trailer yet again, we can find the presentation for the form of gameplay we could expect. It wasn’t quite what we predicted from a Tom Clancy game today, as enemies with no body armor could take five or so shots to the torso from an assault rifle before dying. Head shots with such a rifle proved fatal and with one clip you could be safe in assuming you could wipe out an entire squad if you hit your mark every time. Popular video creator Total Biscuit shows with his own video that enemies can take several clips of body shots to kill. Throughout the video you can find 5-10 head shots being necessary to take down a single opponent. He also demonstrates several points that I have stated earlier such as how barren NYC in this game truly is. The gameplay of The Division is not what we were promised. It is now more reminiscent of Destiny than any Tom Clancy game we know of. Now we have real guns using real bullets that do the damage of BB guns. Some people might like that, but this writer does not not enjoy being lied to.

The Division surely is not turning out to be what we expected and there are several other changes suspected such as a graphical downgrade. This would not be surprising since even the trusted developers of The Witcher 3 lied to us about the graphical fidelity of their game, but I will wait till launch to pass my judgment in that regard. Many things have gone wrong and many things have changed. Is The Division still worth the $60 price tag at launch? Will the season pass be worth it ─ will it be necessary? These are all questions that will be answered soon. I’d suggest holding your pre-orders until they are and wait for the day-one videos that will finally reveal the full truth. I wouldn’t hold your breath in waiting until then either with the way things are developing. However, I for one am still looking forward to what the full game has to offer despite these setbacks. Make sure to check things out for free in The Division’s upcoming open beta and judge the game for yourself!

Good luck agents.

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6 thoughts on “The Division — Most Disappointing Changes

  1. It’s an RPG with shooter elements. That’s why it takes multiple headshots to take them down. It’s not a traditional shooter

  2. The game didn’t “change” at all aside from minor things, UI, removing the drone companion app, etc…only thing that changed is you learned how you expected WRONG.

    First reveal “Online, Open-World, RPG”, pretty much made everything we see now pretty accurate and expected.

  3. Have you REALLY been following it tho? Yes the first preview and map they showed off is a lie. But the scale is about the same. Just a different location (obviously so they can have more landmarks in the game) which isn’t really a huge deal at all. Also you have to take into account that the virus killed off 90% of the population (not counting the 10% of immune people that probably died during all the chaos) in the area, and the streets are run by rioters, criminals, and psychopaths. Just by being realistic, the streets shouldn’t be bustling with npc’s. I’m all for unique events playing out from neutral and enemy npc’s, but it shouldn’t be a party out there. Also, they have EXHAUSTIVELY stated that this is an rpg first, and a shooter second. So idk why you’re less than a month away from the game and just now writing about it. I mean.. You’re mainly complaining about things that have been changed and well known about for months, even years in advance. Just seems like a waste of an article.

  4. I think the full game will introduce brooklyn as a level 1-4 area, since in the beta starts by dropping you off at camp hudson on a helicopter at level 4… Also if you play solo with good gear you can mow down enemies like butter. Anyway, i think you are judging the game too early.

  5. Moaning for the sake of it. Other than a graphical downgrade (thanks consoles) its still an outstanding and graphically impressuve game.

    I hate ubisoft, but they fixed alot due to player feedback and this looks to be a truely impressive game.

    As for the witcher 3 comparison, still one of the best games ever made, lied to you on graphics? Don’t be such a jumped up twat.

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