The Division Open Beta Preload Begins

This is becoming the new trend in AAA gaming isn’t it? First Battlefront does it, and now we present The Division open beta! The good news is that preloading for all platforms has begun as of today. If you have any plans of trying The Division, then there is no harm in preloading it so that you’re ready to play the moment it comes out! And the good news for PC players is that Ubisoft says that all the cheating issues tracked in the closed beta will be resolved by the time the open beta launches.

Gamers, rev your hard drives! The Division’s open beta hits Xbox One on Feburary 18th. PS4 and PC will get access on the 19th and the open beta will run until the 21st. If The Division interests you even in the slightest then you may not want to let this opportunity pass. How many AAA titles give you the opportunity to try the game before you buy it these days?

Published by Nathanael Rose

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