The Division’s PVP Will Destroy Destiny’s

The Division’s PVP versus Destiny’s PVP is quite a hot topic among gamers these days, and for good measure: the former takes the best elements of so many different current-generation shooters and RPGs, combines them into one, and puts its own unique twist on it. This past weekend’s beta was an astounding success with 6.4 million players exploring New York City, making it the largest beta ever on a current-generation platform. People are very excited for this game for a reason. It is a third-person-shooter/MMORPG hybrid, taking some cues from Destiny and games like Gears of War but makes them its own. It is fresh and unique, which puts it in a prime position to dethrone Destiny as the go-to game in the shooter/RPG genre. The bottom line is people have just grown tired of Destiny and even frustrated with the game.

Destiny was revitalized when The Taken King was released, as it fixed a number of balancing issues with the game’s PVP (player-versus-person) game mode and even had a drastically improved campaign. While The Taken King did bring many players back to the game, ultimately, people have gotten bored with it again. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most common have to do with the amount of lag in PVP, the atrocious drop rates in Destiny, and the constant tinkering with weapon balancing which has ruined the PVP experience.


For such a high-profile game like Destiny, the amount of lag in PVP is simply inexcusable and it kills the overall experience; it just makes it very frustrating to play. When you’re shooting at players who are lagging horribly yet get killed because of it, on a consistent basis, it destroys your urge to come back for more and rather becomes quite infuriating. It’s just not fun. Even the smallest amount of lag can make the difference between life and death. Some lag will always occur in multiplayer matches regardless of the game, but the amount of lag in Destiny makes PVP very hard to play. The drop rates of loot is also horrible in Destiny PVP, and it’s even worse since The Taken King expansion. Instead of being rewarded for doing well in PVP, players who have some of the lowest scores, more often than not, get the best loot. It simply isn’t fair. A good amount of the weapon and armor loot accumulated in Destiny’s PVP is almost useless once you get beyond a certain level, giving very little incentive to even play competitive multiplayer. You can get some excellent loot in special events like the weekly Trials of Osiris, but, the weapons have become so unbalanced that if you don’t have a specific loadout Trials becomes a pointless endeavor.

And that brings us to the final point of Destiny’s failings, and that is weapons balancing. The Taken King was exciting because it completely revamped this aspect of the game, but Bungie is so intent on constantly tinkering with it which has ruined the PVP experience. If you stop playing the game for a few months and come back to it, you have to completely re-learn the game and find a winning load out again that you are comfortable with, as weapon balance is always changing and being tweaked. Certain weapons receive buffs while others are nerfed. These constant changes makes it impossible for people who have left the game to really get back into the PVP scene and once again, and makes the experience frustrating and simply unenjoyable.


The Division’s PVP approach is fresh and new. There aren’t too many competitive third-person shooters out there outside of Gears of War, so that aspect of the market has so much untapped potential. The Division’s PVP is a completely different animal than Gears and Destiny, but takes aspects from both games and makes them its own. The Division has a really cool cover system with an over-the-shoulder viewpoint while aiming, like Gears, and actually tries to consistently reward players for their play, unlike Destiny in its current state. That’s not all though. The Division’s Dark Zones, which is where PVP takes place, is a really cool twist on on the whole open-world concept of the game. You can simply walk into a Dark Zone on foot, making it a seamless experience, unlike PVP in DestinyThe Division’s PVP feels like it will require much more coordination than Destiny’s, with teamwork being essential if you want to leave a Dark Zone with quality equipment. While the game was only in beta and people were still figuring out exactly what to do, The Division’s PVP and PVE shows excellent potential and looks to be an incredibly rewarding experience. At this juncture Destiny is a mess with regards to PVP and The Division has the opportunity to capitalize on that fact.


It is inevitable that Destiny’s PVP and The Division’s PVP will collide at some point, as the similarities between the two games are too glaring, even if the PVP is, by nature, different. The thing is, Destiny has grown stale. PVP is currently plagued by so many problems and has become an unenjoyable experience. The Division’s PVP is fresh and new. It oozes with potential and has a unique take on the shooter-RPG genre. Even if in it’s not a Destiny-killer in its current state, players have become so sick of Destiny and its PVP experience that they will be looking for something new. That is exactly where The Division steps in and why it will succeed in destroying Destiny in PVP, even if some people take a wait-and-see approach.

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    1. You are absolutely correct and this was a typo on my part. I take complete responsibility for it and I highly apologize. The issue is fixed, and I thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  1. You are absolutely correct and this was a typo on my part. I take complete responsibility for it and I highly apologize. The issue is fixed, and I thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    1. To be honest Morgan, it doesn’t matter. We (people who are not critical to be rude like the comment below) know what you mean. Good article. Nice read during my lunch. Thanks

  2. Another wasted 5 minutes reading this childish rant and i would have puked. The division is the perfect place for you, boring and terribly repetitive.

  3. wrong boring group gank pvp will die fast.people get tired of being
    ganked and stop wont find any solo or duo groups after a
    while.this pvp will be dead in 5 months .especially on pc it will be a
    ghost town in the dark zone.

    this happens in just about every open world pvp game.people get tired of getting ganked and when destiny 2 comes out no one will be playing this game.

    1. And yet DayZ stands as one of the most-played and successful “ganking” open-world games around…

      1. In Day-Z that is survival and says so in it’s description. This game touts itself as needing teamwork. Well how can you have teamwork when it’s people on your own team killing you. Can’t compare Day-Z to The Division in any form.

  4. yo what the fuck! yoyu’ve LITERALLY given NO reasons as to why The Division’s PVP is better than Destiny’s!? All you’ve said is it takes a fresh approach but dont ACTUALLY explain how!!!? And did you REALLYY just use the third person in-cover camera angle as a plus!? AHHAHA this is a fucking joke of an article!!

    Destiny deffo does have lag issues but you’ve made them seem SOOOO prevalent whe nit certainly isnt! Plus your whole argument of how shit Destiny is because of lag being the main issue is completely fabricated! CoD has RIDICULOUS lag and its the king of multiplayer games so you cant use that as a reason for Destiny’s lack of returning fans! The loot system is certainly the reason and the ‘grindy’ approach the game takes gets boring and tiresome but to some its worth it!

    You literlaly gave no real reason as to why Division’s PVP is good.. just its cover camera looks nice like Gears of War and that the PVP has potential.. then go on to explain NOTHING! this is more of a Destiny bashing article than a balanced argument article!

    From what i played of the Beta i found being in the darkzone got infuriating when after about 2 hours of getting ganked by groups and just made me stop wanting to go there unless i was with peopel i 100% trusted, and im SURE im not the only gamer who felt this way and icertainly wont be the last.. Division’s PVP will probably not be as big of a success as you all assume it will be!

    FYI just because it got downloaded 6+ Million times DOES NOT reflect how successful the game is because a LOT of people like me and the other 5 guys i live with downloaded the game just because the Beta was available but we dont really know if were going to purchase the game itself!

    1. This isn’t touched on much. Does anybody feel the 160.00$ they spent on destiny was worth it? I bought the vanilla, both DLCs and taken king. Does anybody feel that bungie treated these loyal players right? This is the house that built halo and everything they have done since leaving microsoft has been extremely disappointing. They released half a game for full price with no real 10 year plan. They lie to their fans outright, and besides marketing I can’t find how they managed to spend 500 million dollars on that game. It just isn’t there. All the worlds are dead with little content. Player interaction is laughable and So is the matchmaking. Ive got almost 1k hours is this game and I will prolly never spend another dollar on bungie’s behalf.

      1. lol…. dont reply to me if your point is basically ‘im replying to tell you im not replying to you’.. so come off my notifications please! im not in an English class and im not handing in my dissertation on the negative effects of advertising towards womens rights! im here to fucking reply to a post AS AN AVERAGE JOE GAMER!

        The person writing the article needs to sound professional or convey their writing in a certain way.. me in the comments section doesnt need to.. so come off my Discus tryna act like you’re some fucking smart ass gramamr nazi when you didnt address anything iactually said..

        As to your other comment it is very true and i can completely agree with you.. But what i said about the article is simply he’s given no reason as to WHY the PVP will no doubt be better than Destiny’s. Simple

        1. You aren’t having a discussion. It’s a rant. I’m not asking about your college level certifications either. If you read all the comments, yours is the only one that’s filled with vulgarity and switch caps. As an adult to an adult, I’m explaining how other adults read and interpret your message. FUccck DesTiny! Is that better? LaaaammmmEEE ass destiny continues to dissapoint fans on every bunk_AZZ level. All Y’ALL are dUmb.

          I’m an average joe gamer man. Started with a little game called ultima online along time ago, and a regular NES followed by a sega genesis. It doesn’t get more average joe then me.

          1. well clearly you’re wrong.. just because i swear doesnt mean anything.. Call it a rant if you want but i had it be a comment.. you replying turned it into a discussion…

            And im actually in University but its cools

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          5. Clearly I am because you keep responding. The funny part would be you keep calling me a little shit even though I’m older then you as my college days are behind me and judging by the photo of you looking like a hipster d-bag I’m also bigger then you.

            But by all means keep thinking your opinion matters.

          6. loool… just because im responding doesnt mean you are under my skin.. It’s just courteous to speak when spoken too..? also… For someone clearly my senior.. why are you on the internet trolling someone still at University..? lool Also you got all that from me wearing my Superman gear on my way to the ‘Man of Steel’ premier..?

      2. I didn’t bring up the sheer cost of being able to get destiny’s experience…but yeah. it’s a total ripoff. and it really has alienated people who have played since the beginning.

    2. I’m totally not trying to bash you man. But when you write an article or rebuttal and use terrible grammar and spelling, you lose all the credibility you are trying to convey. I stopped reading your reply because it was ugly and looked and sounded like an irate 13 year old. Slow down and realize that adults do the majority of the responding on here. If you want credibility, take the time to be credible.

    3. It was downloaded 6.4 million times cause it was free. That doesn’t translate into games bought. I for one will take a pass strictly because of the PVP tking reward system. So I know if i feel this way many others of that 6.4 million feel exactly the same. The game was fun up to the rogue system as I stated in my comment above. Rewarding tking is just plain stupid.

  5. This is a joke right? The division will be dead in a month. Nobody will play its PVP. There isn’t that many 3rd person shooter fans. It will be dead in a month just like fallout and every other game that was supposed kill Destiny. Destiny had its hardcore fans that aren’t going anywhere. There’s more players on Destiny then BO3. Whoever wrote this article is a meat head.

    1. Destiny is dying. For all the reasons I mentioned. You are clearly a die hard destiny fan. Fallout was never predicted to be a destiny killer. It’s a single player, post apocalyptic light RPG with no multiplayer.

      As a previous die hard destiny player, I understand what you are saying. But the bottom line is that bungie failed so miserably at destiny, that the majority of players are willing to try ANYTHING that’s similar with a rush of fervor. I took a hiatus from Xbox live and built a new friends list out of mostly destiny players. I have 200 friends and none of them play destiny anymore. People are sick of the way bungie treats its fans. Props to you for staying with them. It’s also noteworthy

      1. To mention that the division beta had 2 million more players try it then destiny did. I took a hiatus from xbox and upon returning, I built a new friends list of over 2

        1. 200 new friends, mostly playing destiny. Not a single one plays now. Every current article claims that most of the die hard destiny players left are there for the pvp. So the next logical step for them to go is the division. Go look at the beta stats for division dark zone. All division has to do is have pvp as good as destiny as it will be the reigning champion this year. Uncontested.

          1. The market is craving a third-person shooter with a system like Gears, but modernized. The Division fits the bill and and takes the best from both gears and destiny and then adds in its own bit with the MMO elements.

  6. I do not want to bash you bc i have liked your articles in the past but you give NO reasons why it will be much better other than lag. I feel as if you cant compare the 2 bc they are entirely different experiences. This iron banner is much more enjoyable than the last few have been and i feel like they are making some good strides. When is the last time you played Destiny?

    1. I took a few month hiatus and went back to it in the last month or so. I gave TTK a glowing review actually, I loved the raid, and I love PVE, but I can’t get back into PVP. I think The Division takes aspects of Destiny but puts a really cool twist on it all, and it’s seamless and you don’t need to use a menu to access PVP. Yes, they are different games with different experiences, but it’s something new and offers that same kind of shared-world experience that Destiny does. The PVP is admittedly drastically different but because fans have become sick of Destiny’s PVP (I know so many people who have switched to just PVE and are craving something new, and that’s the market that The Division will bring in). It’s fine to disagree; I thank you for your support. We’ll have to see the final weapon balance in The Division and how the loot is in the final product, but the beta looks very promising.

  7. The Divisions PVP is horrid in that TK’ers are rewarded for killing their own team. In fact this has to be the first game ever to reward TK’ers. In the beta I was killed more meaning 100% of the time by my team then by the enemy. The rogue system is pure junk in that you drop credits and all the items you have collected when you are killed. in order to keep those items you have to wait 2 mins at a extract area waiting on a chopper to arrive and then counter must reach 0. then you have to get to a stash box that isn’t in pvp area in order to use the items extracted. This all leads to abuse. Your a$$hat teammmates simply wait at extract and just when the line from chopper drops to attach your items your greeted with a grenade and death and your a$$hat teammates come collect yours and anyone else’s items they worked to collect. Takes teamwork to get the stuff out is pure bunk. your own team is your enemy and the rogue system is a team breaker not a team builder. Team play is the worst idea your better off solo. They simply need to remove you losing any items and credits if you are team killed or this game will be dead in a week. Personally I won’t buy the game for this very reason. Rewarding a teammate that is supposed to have your back is idiotic at best. The single player won’t keep you busy for that long and then what do you have when no-one wants to play PVP??? Sorry OP but this game isn’t worth the money it took to make it if this isn’t fixed.

    1. Perhaps you should make some friends and enter the dark zone with them and not a bunch of randoms. If they are not in your squad then they are not your team mates.

      I remember the first time i got killed attaching my loot to the extraction cable. After that I became a lot wiser in my approach to it and rarely if ever do I get killed extracting loot.

      For a “vet” you sure do wine a lot about a video game with fairly inaccurate points. In summary, “I dont like this game because people are picking on me in the dark zone!” is your entire argument.

  8. Having played both pvp in destiny and in every testing phase of the division, I can’t disagree more. The pvp,while laggy at times, in destiny has improved from what it was, and the constant weapon rebalancing or lack thereof is a situation that people may gripe about, but one that obviously doesn’t keep them out of crucible for very long. On the flip side of that, the dark zone in the division is fresh and new, I will grant you that. But it’s a day and night difference and not everyone likes that, the fact that a.i. encounters are offered so as to alleviate the absolute need for pvp in the dz is nice, but you’re also not guaranteed anything from there, you have just an equal chance to lose everything you’re carrying and some sums of money, as you are to successfully avoid the trolls that the dark zone can produce and successfully extract the gear youve found. Not everyone will like that, there wee plenty of people who stayed clear of the dark zone in alpha,closed and open beta. So to say that the divisions pvp will destroy destiny’s is a tad on the one sided pint of view and rather closed minded. Each game will cater to specific styles of gameplay and naturally draw in fans of them. Division will probably be the big thing when it drops, but it won’t kill destiny, only destiny can do that .

  9. My thoughts on your points,

    1) The lag in Destiny lag in PvP has definitely improved
    2) The drop rates in Destiny PvP and PvE are horrible
    3) The gear is usually worthless once you reach a certain level, but you can get great gear at a lower level and infuse it with Raid gear to create a unique load-out
    4) I appreciate the weapon balancing and really enjoy the current meta .. that is actually no meta. I am experiencing players use all types of weapons and succeed in PvP

    Most importantly, however, I wonder if as a solo player, The Division will be a rewarding game. It seems like the Dark Zone is only where you can obtain great gear, and you will need a team to keep your loot. In Destiny, I can play as a solo player and get great gear during Missions or Quests or the Raid.

    I guess I can join a team and enter the Dark Zone but then I can’t really trust even the team I join. This is totally different than a Destiny Raid where the team sticks together and gets great gear, if you succeed.

    Solo players may avoid The Division and its PvP.

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