The Gamer Professionals Show Episode 14 is Now Live


Episode 14 of our gaming podcast, GPS, is now live! We discuss the news for this week, EverspaceMagikarp Jump, and we have a lot of fun making our E3 predictions.

In the news, there’s a lot of disappointment from Nintendo. Firstly, their party/voice chat is looking to be overly complicated and ultimately a failure. Secondly, it seems that their online subscription service still has a long way to go, but it does have a very competitive 12-month fee of $19.99. In other news, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 has been announced for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 but there unfortunately won’t be a Switch version. We watched the Pokémon Direct stream, but we didn’t get the news we want. On the show, we discuss Nintendo’s strategy with Pokémon and why they definitely should push the long-rumored Pokémon Stars. Lastly in the news, there’s a leaked advertisement for the new PlayStation 4 Slim Gold Edition, which will allegedly be available for $249.99.

This week we played Everspace, which is a really great space combat roguelike. It definitely scratches that Stars Wars: Rogue Squadron itch. Magikarp Jump is the hottest new mobile game on the market, which has an equal list of pros and cons attached to it. It might be something worth jumping into for those looking for something simple to play during daily downtime.

Lastly on the show, we have a ton of fun going over our E3 2017 predictions. This year is crucial for Microsoft in particular, who have been lagging behind this entire generation. We hope they have some new IP to announce. Sony is in the best position, and we expect another spectacular show form them. Nintendo will hopefully give us hands-on time with Super Mario Odyssey and give us tons of details about that highly-anticipated game. During our predictions, we note that Ubisoft should have a pretty straightforward conference without too many surprises and Bethesda will likely reveal a new Wolfenstein.

As always, you can submit questions to to be read on the show. The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, the iPhone podcast app, and all RSS feed.

We’ll see you at E3!