The Hunt is on with Monster Hunter Generations

Three months after its launch in Japan, Monster Hunter X is finally set to make an appearance on Western shelves. Renamed to Monster Hunter Generations, the title received a new trailer in the recent Nintendo Direct. By bringing together a slew of familiar faces and locales, plus a range of new features and mechanics, Monster Hunter Generations serves as both an homage to the franchise, and a fresh take on the Monster Hunter experience.

The stream also revealed an exclusive piece of DLC for the upcoming title. Marth, the popular Fire Emblem character will serve as inspiration for a new set of armor and an accompanying sword and shield. This armor set was not present in the Japanese release of Monster Hunter X, though many other collaboration items were available. Whether Monster Hunter Generations will see this content remains to be seen, though given the track record in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, it seems likely that we’ll see a decent portion of them. Finally, players of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be able to transfer their save data to the new title, granting their new character a collection of items to help start their journey.

We’ve previously covered Monster Hunter X here at Gamer Professionals, so if you’re interested to see how it stands, head on over to our review. For information on the localization process, head on over to the official CAPCOM blog. Monster Hunter Generations is set for release in Summer this year, exclusively for the 3DS family of handhelds.


Published by Michael Spiteri

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