The Legend of Zelda is Delayed for 2017, Being Released for Wii U and NX


The Legend of Zelda has been delayed once again, which may be a smart move on Nintendo’s part. It will now most likely launch in 2017, and will probably be a launch title for the Nintendo NX. The Wii U version will come out as well. Given that the NX comes out in March 2017, it will only be a few-month delay rather than a year-long delay. Nintendo wants to use this time to further polish the game, but one has to infer that Nintendo is doing this to optimize the game’s functionality with the NX, as it did with Twilight Princess all those years ago. This will give the NX a blockbuster launch title, just like the Wii had, but it also crosses one game off of Nintendo’s holiday lineup, which may be in trouble. Long-term, this is a very good plan, but Nintendo may suffer in the short-term while it prepares for the NX launch.