Earlier today, if you were using Google to search for things, you probably would have noticed that in their logo area, which usually features a set of artwork depicting holidays, special events, or memories of events past, that the area looks a little bit different. The infamous multi-colored logo has undergone yet another change, and with this new change comes an explanation as to why the design change was necessary.

The design basis of Google was to be able to search from a desktop computer. Nowadays, we are able to capture Google searches on our phones, in our cars, on appliances, and a whole host of other technology gadgets. Technology as we knew it has changed, and Google is changing in response to that. People rely on Google to be able to do things, to the point where Google has become our own personal assistant – Google is an important part of our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. The insight goes beyond us, and shows us how Google is serving its users – a new microphone icon, a new “G” logo that has four colors, and a new look that goes across its applications – Gmail, Chrome, Search, and Maps. The bright colors bring people together, and they’re adapting to the times. It won’t be the last change, so stay tuned. For more graphics and information, check out the blog below, from Google themselves. Who would have guessed that a mighty company such as Google would be using a Blogger interface! That’s surprising, and gives me a bit of hope for Gamer Professionals!

Source: Google Official Blog