The Original Postal Goes Open Source

It has been nearly two decades since we saw the release of the original Postal game. After all these years the game’s developer Running With Scissors is releasing the source code to the public.

“It was in September, 1997—over 19 years ago (we’ll round that out to 20, for marketing reasons)—when us humble folk from Running With Scissors unleashed our Robotron-inspired isometric shooter POSTAL to the unsuspecting public at large,”

says Running With Scissors in a blog post on its site.

“It was an instant hit, grabbing the attention of gamers, parents and politicians across the country, and we’ve been supporting and updating it ever since. But now, (almost) 20 years later, we are entrusting our fans with the future of our game, by releasing its source code to the public. Consider it a belated Christmas present.”

Gamers that loved the game as kids and teens will now as adults have the ability to do basically anything they want with Postal now. They can do some updates, change things around, modify it and even port it to different systems, such as maybe the Dreamcast? The team at RWS last year mentioned the idea of putting the source code public, but only if someone ported it to the Sega Dreamcast.


Postal is an isometric shooter and was a huge success back in 1997 giving you the opportunity to run a rampage on a town killing everyone before they killed you. Of course, do to it’s violent nature Postal was also hated by anyone that found fault with video games for being too violent. Postal has seen and been through a lot over the years as Running With Scissors has kept up with it creating an expansion pack, a Japanese version of the game and even updating the controls for those that rather play it twin-stick shooter style. It was games like Postal that gave way to newer games such as Hatred to be made.

Earlier this year a remake of the game was created titled Postal Redux, which the developers called an “especially big step” preserving the game’s legacy.