The Steam Machine isn’t a Dream Anymore


Linux users have complained about their lack of games on Steam, and now Gabe Newell, Steam’s CEO, has put those complaints to rest. The newly released Steam Machine runs SteamOS, a Debian 7-based Linux. Steam Machine adds 1,000 new games for Linux users, without those users even buying the new system. This new system is Steam’s plan to compete in the console war between PlayStation and Xbox. The Steam Machine has a hardware advantage, with a faster processing speed than both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, while being sold at the same price. You will also be able to stream games from your PC to your TV through a device called Steam Link for $49.99.

You can buy 2 types of Steam Machines at the moment, Alienware or ZOTAC NEN.  The Alienware goes for $499 while the ZOTAC NEN goes for $999,  but there will be a Syber line of Steam Machines available for $499 by the end of the month. One major difference between the Alienware and the ZOTAC NEN is the more powerful graphics card packaged with the ZOTAC NEN. If you really want the graphics card that comes with the ZOTAC NEN, then go to Amazon and get it $100 dollars cheaper, and maybe tell them Gamer Professionals sent you.

Source: ZDNet