First Look at the Final Season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead

the walking dead

On the second day of PAX East 2018, Telltale announced its last season for The Walking Dead.

The upcoming season follows Clementine’s journey more closely. The past few seasons have incorporated past lives of the apocalypse survivors. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier revolved around the life of Javier Garcia, the protagonist and playable character, who eventually meets Clem.

Clem’s survival story has been dramatic and heart-wrenching and the last season will be emotional for many fans. In Season 2, Clem became the main protagonist and playable character and in the fourth and final season, Clem will assume this role once again.

The first episode starts at a boarding school with children around Clem’s age. The art in this season is more desaturated with a dusky look to match the mood of the dark setting. The use of graphic black ink creates a more comic book appeal.

Nature is overgrown, resources are depleted, the wreckage left behind shows peoples attempts to survive.

Some new characters are Marlon and Rosie. Marlon lives a the boarding school and has edgy look which could be descriptive of his personality. Rosie is his dog that Telltale made clear will survive at least the first episode.

Louis is a more fashionable character that believes in preserving arts and culture, even during turmoil.

Violet is different from Louis because she is hardened and blunt about things going on around her.

the walking deadLastly, another character introduced is Ten, a sweet, young boy with a large scar on his head.

For now, we only have a few details and concept art, there is no official release date for Episode 1, Season 4.