Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Drops its First Beats

A new trailer for the uniquely-named Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has surfaced (it’s SMT backwards!), courtesy of Nintendo’s YouTube channel. The brief video covers the established story beats and setting, before diving into the battle system. The distinct, if contrived anime style, plot and characters take the forefront, but if the Shin Megami Tensei roots are anything to go by, that sugar-coated aesthetic will fade away as the story progresses.

The active battle system utilizes a timeline-based setup, akin to 2013’s Child of Light, or Grandia. All participating fighters are placed on a single line, with individual stats and skills determining their position and pace. It’s a system that provides an excellent opportunity to strategize if properly implemented, but we have no indication of its depth at this point. At the very least, it looks and sounds appealing, with dynamic camera angles and flashy attacks backed by a cheesy, yet infectious J-Pop hook.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, which was previously alluded to as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is due for launch on June 24. Its localization will be handled in-house at Atlus, allowing for the most faithful translation possible. Minor censorship has already been confirmed, with small alterations made to certain character outfits, but the story will remain unaltered.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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