Top 5 Nintendo Switch Cyber Weekend Sales

Despite being the Switch’s third Cyber Weekend, this year’s Switch deals are pretty lackluster, with only a few worthwhile grabs spread out among a bunch of box retailers. In an era when digital game sales often dwarf physical sales, it only makes sense that digital sales often provide more inclusive and enticing deals for frugal consumers.

Nintendo just released its list of digital game deals and sales for the North American eShop just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Among them are some of the best first and third party offerings on the beloved handheld-console hybrid. Here are five of our favorites:

Number 5: DOOM (2016) and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus For $29.99 Each

I know it’s cheating to have both of these on the list, but in many ways these shooters from ID Software and Machine Games go hand-in-hand. Both offer comparable fast-paced, twitchy gunplay with labrynthine levels, fantastic music, awesome setpieces and in Wolfenstein’s case, a fun and engaging story. 

Much like most of the games on this list, these are ports of games that were designed with more powerful hardware in mind, so paying a full $60 for a visually downgraded port of games that came out a couple of years ago seems somewhat unreasonable. 

With the price point cut down to about half, it’s not only easy to stomach, but in my opinion, a must-buy for any fan of the genre or just anyone looking for amazing shooters to add to the Switch’s relatively small library of shooters.

Number 4: Dragon Ball FighterZ For $14.99

Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the few big-budget games ported to Switch that stuck the landing perfectly. Because of the art style and the gameplay itself, there are almost no downgrades from other versions of the game compared to the Switch port.

This is, of course, all without mentioning the fast-paced and stylish gameplay that Arc System Works delivers on time and time again with their fighting games. After years of lackluster anime fighting games from Bandai Namco that all feel more or less the same, FighterZ is a breath of fresh air, and at 75% off, it’s a steal. This game would absolutely be higher on the list if it weren’t on sale for a comparable price fairly often.

Number 3: Hotline Miami Collection For $12.49

The Hotline Miami Collection is another game on this list that includes some of the greatest games of the decade. Being the only collection on this list, Hotline Miami Collection is already worth its original $24.99 price point.

The original Hotline Miami is in the Pantheon of definitive indie games. It’s a bloody, action-packed classic that helped to lead the charge to bring indie games into the mainstream, so seeing it and its sequel for a whopping $12.49 price point is a must buy. This is another game that’s on sale somewhat frequently on the eShop and elsewhere, otherwise it would absolutely be higher on this list.

Number 2: Katamari Damacy: Reroll For $17.99

I can’t say enough good things about Katamari; it’s a vibrant, wacky, fun time with a fantastic sense of scale and progression. In fact, the only realy problem I have with the Switch version, which, at full price will set you back about $30 is that price point itself. 

Considering it’s an almost one-to-one port of the PS2 original, $30 for a roughly five hour game from 2004 is quite the ask. Now that the cost has been reduced to $17.99, which is almmost half off, this genre-defying classic is absolutely worth the buy.

Number 1: Celeste For $9.99

Last year, when it became time to discuss what deserved to be game of the year, Celeste seemed ubiquitous. While it was dwarved by big-budget, genre-defining games like God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2, it stood up, and for good reason. The second game from Towerfall developer Matt Makes Games is a masterpiece.

Celeste follows in the footsteps of another indie platforming giant, Super Meat Boy, but it’s no mere wannabe. While it takes on the same one screen at a time format, Celeste in many ways goes above and beyond its predecessor, improving on it in many ways.

On top of the gameplay itself, unlike many of its kind, Celeste tells a heartwarming story of self-discorvery and overcoming mental and emotional challenges that few games of any scope or scale have achieved before.

This game is beyond worth it at its full price at a digestible $19.99, so seeing it at a whopping half off is a dream come true. At a time of the year when the weather gets cold and family gathers around the table for tense and awkward discussions that can get pretty heated pretty quickly, Celeste will help you escape and find challenge and solace.