Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC Review (PS4)

Turf Wars DLC Review

The Story

I am pleased to say I really enjoyed Turf Wars, Insomniac Games’ second DLC pack for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Right from the opening scene, Hammerhead proves to be an interesting villain that I was eager to take down as soon as possible. The way his story is intertwined with Police Captain Yuri Watanabe had me on the edge of my seat up until the very end.

Kudos to Insomniac Games for further deepening Yuri Watanabe, a character that I already loved from the main game. The relationship between Yuri and Spider-Man was already handled well with all of Spider-Cop, but this time for Yuri this case is more personal and involves much higher stakes.

Insomniac was not afraid to tell a story that shows a more personal story, one that encompasses both loss and accountability, something that would be a very real aspect of being a Police Captain in Marvel’s New York.

Side Activities

Side activities included with the Turf Wars DLC consist of Hammerhead Bases and Screwball Challenges (Stealth, Combat, and Gadget).

Hammerhead Bases

Turf Wars DLC Review
Taking out Hammerhead’s thugs with style!

Hammerhead Bases are elaborate versions of their main game counterpart, in which, you will fight waves of Hammerhead’s thugs that are using stolen Sable Technology. These Bases really test your fighting capabilities, especially if played on Spectacular or Ultimate difficulty). They will throw every enemy type at you from Rocketeer, Minigunner, to the new Sable Shield enemies in an effort to overwhelm you.

Overall, the Turf Wars DLC does a fine job of delivering difficult challenges, which you’d expect considering these DLCs take place after the main game. Their level of difficulty feels appropriate for the post-game content, and I was glad that they weren’t as easy as some of the content added with the last DLC, The Heist.

Hammerhead Bases also provide backstory about Hammerhead, which helps to add even more substance to the story in this DLC pack.

Screwball Challenges

Turf Wars DLC Review
Screwball Stealth Challenge.

In Screwball’s Stealth Challenges you are tasked with taking out all of the enemies in a certain amount of time without being seen. However, Screwball will provide opportunities to maximize your score by highlighting Photo-Bomb areas (highlighted in pink) for you to take down enemies within, adding bonus points to your total high-score. 

Turf Wars DLC Review
Screwball Combat Challenge.

In Screwball’s Combat Challenges you need to defeat every enemy in an attempt to reach a high-score. Screwball, as with each of her challenges, will highlight Photo-Bomb areas in pink. If you defeat an enemy inside this area, you will gain bonus points toward your score.

You’ll want to mix up your tactics, using different gadgets to gain extra points and take out as many enemies as possible within the Photo-Bomb areas because the Combat Challenges have a much higher score threshold than any of the other Screwball Challenges.

Turf Wars DLC Review
Screwball Gadget Challenge.

Lastly, you have a single Gadget Challenge. This one is the most straight-forward where you are granted only two of your gadgets, the Web-Bomb, and the Concussion Blast. You need to Web enemies up with the Web-Bomb then launch and stick them to walls surrounding the arena using the Concussion Blast.

New Suits

Along with new missions and challenges to complete, the Turf Wars DLC includes three new suits to collect and further broaden Spider-Man’s laundry list of different costumes. As with the previous DLC, The Heist, the new costumes do not come with Suit Powers which I still think this is a missed opportunity. However, the suits included with this DLC are much better than the suits from The Heist. The three new suits are:

Spider-Armor Mk1

Turf Wars DLC Review

This suit is my favorite out of all the DLC suits. Now I’ll admit I am biased towards this one because the first Spider-Man game I ever played as a child was Neversoft’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 1. In that game, you could find Spider-Armor power-ups dotted throughout the level, and when you picked them up this is the suit you would wear. Ever since that game, I have always loved this suit, so when I found out that this one was included with Turf Wars, I was beyond excited to get my hands on it. Talk about childhood nostalgia!

Iron Spider (Original)

Turf Wars DLC Review

Most fans are familiar with the original Iron Spider costume which was gifted to Peter Parker by the one and only Tony Stark. This suit looks like the perfect mix of Iron Man and Spider-Man’s Suits and it looks absolutely phenomenal in-game. I easily prefer this one to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version that was in the main game.

Spider-Clan (Mangaverse)

Turf Wars DLC Review

The highly stylized Spider-Clan suit is by far one of the coolest suits Insomniac Games has added to this game through its post-launch DLC. This one comes from the Marvel Mangaverse comics Universe, which made its debut in 2002. I actually didn’t think we would get any more suits like this in-game, especially after the main game already had the Vintage Comic Book Suit. I have never been happier to be wrong, and if Insomniac is planning on adding any more of these extremely unique comic book/anime suits, I would love to see the Ultimate Spider-Man suit in the next DLC pack or even further down the line in potential future DLC.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed the second DLC story pack. The Turf Wars DLC delivers a satisfying mob-centric story filled with turmoil and consequences. Between the story, the new suits, and the side-content, completing everything this DLC had to offer took me four and a half hours, an hour longer than it took me to complete Spider-Man’s previous DLC, The Heist.

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