The video game ratings agency PEGI has recently filed a rating for dinosaur-shooter Turok on Xbox One, a sign that the franchise will soon be appearing on the platform. The studio behind the 2015 PC re-master of Turok, Night Dive Studios, had mentioned the following year that a version would be eventually coming to Xbox One. The Turok Xbox One PEGI filing indicating the release may be coming in 2018. While the information does not include an exact release date, the assumption is that it is imminent.

Both Turok 1 and 2 were previously re-mastered by Night Dive with improved gameplay, graphics and level design to accompany enhanced lighting and water effects. While the hope is that both these titles will be bundles in the Xbox One release, the current filing as of yet does not indicate any kind of package.

Based in a world inhabited by a range of threats including pre-historic dinosaurs, the last outing for a Turok game was in 2008 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. With this new re-master expected soon, it will be the first outing for the franchise on current-gen platforms, in what could perhaps be a potential re-launch on the franchise.

Click here to view the Turok Xbox One PEGI filing.