Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset Review

If you’re in the market for a solid gaming headset at a reasonable price, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is a fantastic option for both single player and online multiplayer. For the past month, I have been exclusively using this headset for all of my time spent on the Xbox One and, for a hundred bucks, it’s provided me with excellent quality, comfort, and ease of use.

The Stealth 600 features powerful 50mm over-the-ear speakers and a solid, flip-up version of Turtle Beach’s high-sensitivity mic. For the first time since using a boom mic-equipped, I haven’t had to worry about where it should be placed in relation to my mouth for fear of it picking up breathing and popping. This hard plastic boom mic simply flips down and locks into the correct placement to deliver great chat input. Flipping the mic back up towards the headband mutes your voice, eliminating frustrations that come with searching for the “mute” button during a heated multiplayer match.

I am always skeptical of wireless headsets in terms of battery life and overall maintenance, but the Stealth 600 makes it easy. Charging via the included USB cable pumps 15 hours of life into the headset, which lasted me multiple gaming sessions before I even had to think about plugging it back in. There’s hardly any set up involved, as the device automatically recognizes and connects to the Xbox One. It’s a great feeling to turn it on, press the “mode” button, and have it configured and ready to go within seconds. There’s no digging through settings menus or repeated syncing between the hardware.

For sound quality, this headset can’t be beaten in this price range. It features Windows Sonic surround sound with bass boost, which keeps you absorbed in the action. Even without a standalone amp, the speakers clearly push out deep tones. I kept the volume maxed out at all times to maintain intensity while playing through this year’s FPS campaigns such as Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Call of Duty: WWII, and Star Wars Battlefront II. It is amazing how much more immersive the experience is with a quality headset. My speaking voice during online multiplayer came through clearly due to built-in mic monitoring capabilities. Game and chat volume can be adjusted separately by way of sliders on the side of the headset, which is handy, but sometimes difficult to locate during gameplay.

A feature called Superhuman Hearing allows some truly immersive multiplayer battles. Enemy footsteps and weapon reloads can be heard clearly, which often gives you the advantage during silent encounters. Being able to predict an enemy’s location without revealing your own really does make you feel like a superhuman, but works in a way that is unobtrusive and subtle. It simply feels natural.

With such a long battery life, extended periods of play are encouraged, especially when they’re so comfortable. The ear cups and headband are padded with thick mesh fabric that feels great. The headset does fit snugly, but it never feels too tight or applies too much pressure against the head. This is one of the only times I’ve worn a headset for three or more hours without feeling any strain on my ears. There is a fair bit of ventilation coming through the mesh, or at least it seems that way due to its lightweight design. Within the mesh of the ear cups and headband is a firm gel made for comfort. For those who wear glasses, Turtle Beach has you in mind, by way of a ProSpecs design that removes pressure from your glasses while you game.

I exclusively cranked the volume to maximum while playing with this headset, and it really did make my gaming experience better. I knew where enemy gunfire was coming from, how close an approaching car was, and could feel the impact of explosions. A good headset elevates these sensations and the Stealth 600 delivers a noticeably high quality experience. Its excellent battery life is ideal for long, uninterrupted gaming sessions while its mic monitoring capabilities allow you to hear yourself so that you can talk at a reasonable volume — something that we often take for granted.

A gaming headset feels almost essential for serious online multiplayer, and the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is one of the best options for anyone who isn’t willing to spend more than a hundred bucks. For the reasonable price, it sounds great, is easy to use, and has its own great perks such as Superhuman Hearing and easy wireless connectivity. You’ll be able to hear your teammates better and, more importantly, your voice will come through clearer on their end. Turtle Beach are one of the most prominent gaming headset manufacturers for a reason. This mid-range offering looks professional, feels comfortable, and has great surround sound quality. If you’re looking for something in the $100 range, make this headset a priority.

Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

I'm a freelance writer and musician based out of Providence, RI. I started playing videogames at a young age and I have since developed a love for JRPGs, indie games, shooters, and all things Star Wars. When I am not gaming, I am reading science fiction novels or performing music. Follow me on Twitter @_northernfrost