TW: Warhammer Beastmen Part II

A follow up story to my previous Beastmen DLC preview, we now know without a shadow of a doubt how this faction will play, and the relative ways to safely approach a campaign. More information in the preview for beastmen part II.

Cygor smashing empire infantry, part of the preview beastmen part II
Monstrous Infantry and ambush tactics, things we suspected would be emphasized, are indeed very important.

The beastmen have finally had a battle reveal, and it’s very telling on how the faction will play. While they may draw similarities to the orcs, they are by no means the same. We’ve learned that fairly quickly based on the gameplay shown.

They have little to no armor, relying solely on their ability to quickly traverse the battlefield and hit their opposition quickly. The beastmen have some powerful lords, and they’ll be pivotal in keeping their ranks together, as beastmen morale is poor.

You’ll want your lords closer to the battle than usual, but not fighting other lords one on one, you honestly can’t afford to lose them, morale is that much of an issue. Much like Grimgor Ironhide of the orc faction, if he falls in battle it’s over.

That being said, Khazrak One-Eye is probably going to be one hell of a duelist on the battlefield. His late game high level abilities should make him just as capable on his own as Grimgor (who is the best duelist in Warhammer currently) but that may come with drawbacks that we haven’t seen yet.

This is the last thing you'll want to see playing as beastmen, cavalry charges by any faction will be devastating, especially by the Empire.
This is the last thing you’ll want to see playing as beastmen, cavalry charges by any faction will be devastating, especially by the Empire.

Cavalry will need to be scouted out early and often by beastmen players, considering cav charges are devastating to morale, and the beastmen seem to be infantry heavy.

Beastmen cavalry don’t appear to be a write-off, they certainly look capable of holding their own against some of the empires’ best. The razorgore herd in particular look to be a good countermeasure to empire cavalry.

While you’ll predominantly be fighting humans as the beastmen, that definitely isn’t your only concern. The vampire counts will be just as if not more maneuverable on the battlefield as you, considering they have no ranged units. They also don’t have to worry about morale considering undead units aren’t afraid of death (naturally).

Hit and run will be the theme with beastmen in general, getting bogged down in steady fighting will be to your detriment. An aggressive play style is recommended, put your foot on the gas and don’t stop until you’ve won. If you ever come into a situation where you’re forced to regroup, you’ve probably already lost.

With an ability to lob massive boulders into enemy formations and hinder enemy mages, Cygor's will be huge.
With an ability to lob massive boulders into enemy formations and hinder enemy mages, Cygor’s will be huge.

One interesting unit the Creative Assembly showed earlier this week is the Cygor. This dual purpose unit will indeed become important, being capable of up close up melee combat and artillery support.

Beastmen magic seems to be focused on disrupting enemy troop movement, which is great because it can help prevent your troops from getting trapped, and ultimately wiped out.

Other than the Cygor, beastmen ranged units do not seem to be spectacular, but at least they have some. This will ensure they have some kind of ranged support in the event a melee battle doesn’t go their way.

Ultimately most beastmen battles will be decided long before they’ve crossed swords with their opponent. Careful planning and strategic placement will be necessary in order to win, but I imagine the factions will not have a shortage of suitors.

Check back after July, 28th for a full beastmen faction review, right here at Gamer Professionals.

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