Are There Two Zeldas & Hyrules in Breath of the Wild?


Everything about the story of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been kept secret.  In fact, people are more preoccupied with when this game will be hitting the market rather than what it will be about.  Fans have not had much to go on however, with demo clips here and there, nothing regarding plot in the few actual trailers we’ve had, only images to speculate on, so let’s do that.

We know that there is a Hylian royal family within the game due to the description of Link’s “Champion Shirt”.  The description also reads that it is “only to be worn by one who had earned the respect of the Hylian royal family”, so Link must have some connection to them due to his clothing, and also that he is seen bowing to an unknown figure in one of the game’s trailers.  The Game Awards trailer shows explosions coming from what looks like the castle from Twilight Princess.  Through later footage of this appears to be due to Calamity Ganon who may be trapped there by the Sheikah due to the pillars seen around the castle.

The Champion Shirt

With what little we have been given, many fans have discovered familiar structures within the kingdom.  We have been shown a ruined version of The Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time (which was located in Castle Town), with Nintendo even hinting at this in a tweet.  However, in The Game Awards trailer we are shown a completely different version of Castle Town, with this one being more reminiscent of Twilight Princess.  Meaning we may be seeing two Castle Towns in Breath of the Wild.

Yes, yes it does
Yes, yes it does
But so does this
But so does this

Shown in the trailers is also a race of bird people, it is unknown by their design if they are related to the Rito, Oocca or if they are descendants of the Loftwings.  If this is what they are then these creatures still probably act as guards to humanity and more importantly, the royal family.

So then, what purpose and who do the Sheikah serve in this game?

All Zelda fans know that the Sheikah’s job is to serve and protect the goddess Hylia and therefore Zelda, never really serving anyone outside of the royal family.  If we assume that this new race of bird people are descendants of the Loftwing there is a bit of a conflict.

Let’s go back to Ganon for a paragraph, who may not be the only villain in this game.  We can figure that is  already an experienced fighter, he has the champion shirt, is already seen wielding the Master Sword, and the mysterious voice in the demo addresses Link as though he is being awoken after a previous adventure.  Under these circumstances Link should have been able to defeat Ganon as we have seen in every Zelda game to feature him.  So what happened?  In the title art and in trailer clips the Master Sword does look a bit rusted and damaged.  Since Ganon and even Demise have fallen to the same sword multiple previous times something more powerful must have damaged the sword.  A new even stronger villain, or perhaps the swords creator, the Goddess Hylia herself?

The game's title card offers our best look at the damaged Master Sword
The game’s title card offers our best look at the damaged Master Sword

Returning to The Game Awards trailer we get a glimpse at not one, but two mysterious female characters as seen by their different clothing.  One is carrying the (or a) Shiekah Slate and the other Link is seen bowing to.  The first one could very well be Zelda as she has been trusted with Sheikah technology.  The second, while Link is  bowing, clenches her fist in what seems to be a disapproving manner as if he just brought her unfortunate news.  So putting these two ideas alongside the evidence of two Castle Towns might very well mean that there are two Princess Zeldas at the same time.

Evidence of two different Zeldas?

This may sound a bit…(wait for it) wild, but through trailers and Nintendo treehouse footage the Shiekah Guardians are attacking Link who is thought to be close to the Royal Family due to his clothing.  The Shiekah also only appear to reference the Goddess Hylia, who is immortal through the line of Zelda.  But what do they do if there are two Zeldas born at the same time?  Now we seen similar situations like this before, in Link Between Worlds and Zelda 1 & 2 but never with two Hyrule Castles.

Why are the guardians attacking Link?  Could one Zelda have sabotaged the Shiekah Slate in an effort to kill the other that it may have belonged to?  Am I making any sense?  Let us know your thoughts on the what Breath of the Wild could be about.