Ubisoft Details The Division 2 Year One Content with a New Trailer

Almost 2 weeks before The Division 2‘s launch, Ubisoft posted the Year 1 content and cinematic trailers.

A new trailer for The Division 2 details how the first year of content is going to look like. After purchasing the base game, all other content will be free to players. However, the Year 1 Pass includes even more content and 7-days early access to free Episodes.

There will be two activities available after The Division 2‘s launch. First one is Tidal Basin, a faction stronghold. Next is Operation Dark Hours which will be the first 8-person raid in The Division series.

Episodes and Specializations

Year 1 will have 3 DLCs called Episodes which will be free to players. The first DLC will release this Summer called D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions. The next one is Pentagon: The Last Castle is set to launch in Autumn, and the last one is unnamed and will launch in the Winter.

  1. D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions: There will be 2 main missions which take you to the outskirts of Washington DC. This Episode will include an update for a new expedition game mode.
  2. Pentagon: The Last Castle: This Episode will also have new main missions about the Department of Defense headquarters. The trailer mentions a “new experience” that deals with the secrets of the Pentagon.
  3. Episode 3: Information on this DLC is limited, but Episode 3 will bring Year 1 to an end.


Specializations have new weapons and skill trees to unlock. The endgame Specializations “will help you redefine your own personal playstyle as you take on new high-level challenges”, according to The Division 2‘s website. This will also be free.

Year 1 Pass

Although there are a lot of free activities in The Division 2, players have the option to spend $40 on a Year 1 Pass. This Pass grants you early access to Episodes and Specializations, 8 classified assignments, Base of Operations activities, and more bounties. They will also receive more trophies to chase after and customizations.


Additionally, the cinematic TV Spot trailer shows a fiery battle occurring in Washington DC. Historic monuments have taken damage, planes are crashing down, and the capital of America has become a warzone. This trailer sets the stage for the intense gameplay and story.

Also, the trailer announces the Open Beta coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC from March 1-4.

The Division 2 will launch on March 15 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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