Ubisoft Might Have A Good Year


The continued success of Pokemon GO in the weeks after it’s launch has started to open the eyes of some major publishers and developers. During Ubisoft’s first quarter sales call, co-founder and CEO Yves Guillemot stated they were impressed by what Nintendo has achieved.

An overnight success.


When asked if Ubisoft was working on an augmented reality game or something akin to Pokemon GO, Guillemot revealed they are working on ‘a product using AR’ however he also made it clear that Ubisoft’s AR game will be ‘not exactly that kind’. This raises a lot of questions but also makes many gamers excited and anxious.

Nintendo really hit the jackpot with Pokemon GO as they are only indirectly linked to the app. Regardless of only being co-owner of The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs, Nintendo has broken records in the Japan stock market with stock prices jumping up to 70 percent thanks to Pokemon GO. The introduction of augmented reality to the mass population has gamers wanting more.

What kind AR game are they cooking up for us? Time will tell.

Ubisoft didn’t have the success of Pokemon GO to propel them through the first financial quarter of the year but it was still a strong quarter with sales reporting at  roughly $153 million, which is around $15 million more than expected. Digital sales this year have accounted for 75 percent of the total stakes, a smooth 19 percent improvement. Last year’s first quarter racked in approximately $106.35 million which can be credited to the console and PC releases of The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege, as well as their mobile title Hungry Shark World.

With these improvements in just the first quarter of the year, Ubisoft has big plans. Some of the titles they plan on releasing later this year are Watch Dogs 2, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Steep along with continued DLC support for games like The Division.