Umbrella Corps is based in the Resident Evil universe, however this is one of the only things they have in common. The locations and a handful of lurching enemies are about the only references to the series. Regardless of it’s differences, hardcore fans have been waiting a long time.

With no story or single player mode <em>Resident Evil</em> veterans will be taken out of their element. Umbrella Corps isn’t a survival horror game, nor dose it have and ‘cannon’ place in RE lore. Multiplayer modes like 3v3 team battles with over the shoulder shooting and tight quarters makes this game feel like Call of Duty. The gritty camera view makes things even more frantic. Weapon load outs, wall running and a traversal system point out the likeness to Call of Duty Black Ops III.

Umbrella Corps

Zombies litter every map. I know what you’re thinking, how are you supposed to have a firefight with all these zombies after me? Each player has a ‘zombie jammer’ on their backs that keeps them from noticing you. This handy piece of tech can of course be damaged allowing players to threaten enemy players with the environment and add a bit of chaos to the battlefield.

All in all, this departure from the classics isn’t turning it’s back on the franchise. Umbrella Corps has many references including a map based on Resident Evil 5 with zombies modeled after the locals. Capcom also announced a level taken from Resident Evil: Code Veronica as a tip of the hat.

Umbrella Corps is due for release this holiday season 2016. Ever since the release of Resident Evil 4, we have seen how the series evolved. From purposely clunky RE 1 to the action and variety of content seen in RE 6, Resident Evil has been moving closer and closer to a game like Umbrella Corps and I for one can’t wait!