Uncharted Movie Finds New Screenwriter

It looks like Sony is back to the drawing board with their Uncharted movie franchise, as Variety reports that Joe Carnahan has been tagged to pen the latest version of the script for the popular video game adaption.

The Bad Boys 3 director is best known for his work directing and writing the Liam Neeson film, The Grey. The director told Variety that he would have liked to direct the Naughty Dog adaptation, but could not due to overlapping filming schedules with Bad Boys 3.

Video game movies are a hot commodity in 2016 with the release of Warcaft this past June, which bombed in the North American box office, but broke records in China. Despite another miss in the video game film space, the Assassins Creed movie releasing in December has created only positive buzz.

Sony could potentially have something huge in their pocket with an Uncharted film franchise. However, avoiding Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider ‘clone’ comparisons will be a big hurdle for the movie, and its creators will be challenged to make it unique.

Fans still have a long wait to see how the film will be received. With no director attached yet, an Uncharted movie could release in 2018 at the earliest.

Published by Alex Radu - Contributor

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