Update 1.10 Released for Marvel’s Spider-Man


Update 1.10 has released for Marvel’s Spider-Man. The update is 4.340 GB in size, includes some new features and lays the groundwork for Spider-Man’s second DLC, Turf Wars. 

Update 1.10

New Features

Features included with Update 1.10 consist of added support for the Turf Wars DLC, the second episode of The City that Never Sleeps DLC Series. Update 1.10 also comes with new frames and stickers for the in-game Photo Mode, new options to remove the Mini-Map from the HUD (Head’s Up Display), and adds colored names to the game’s subtitles.

Update 1.10

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • Addressed an issue where the time of day would not be set properly in “The Heist” DLC, causing loading screens to appear over cinematics.
  • Addressed an issue where Miles dialogue may be delayed in “The Heist” DLC.
  • Addressed an issue where after quitting a Screwball Challenge players would have certain gadgets removed permanently.
  • Addressed various additional issues.
Update 1.10
Patch Notes

This has also provided more information on the Turf Wars DLC by way of an in-game summary that reads as follows:

“The City that Never Sleeps Episode 2: Turf Wars. As the gang war between Hammerhead and the Maggia heats up, Spider-Man’s closest (and only) police contact, Yuri Watanabe, is drawn into the fray.”

Update 1.10

Let us know what you think of the latest update for Marvel’s Spider-Man, and whether or not you are excited about the second DLC episode, Turf Wars, which launches later this month on November 20.